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Preparing for the Holly Days with Amy

I’ll be officially in Peru by the time you read this, but don’t worry, I have some wonderful bloggers stopping by to help keep you busy on Writing Whimsy while I’m away, starting with this adorable nail tutorial from Amy at New Key Beauty, make sure to stop by her blog for more of her lovely posts 🙂

Hello everyone! It’s Amy from! I am really excited to have the opportunity to do a simple nail art tutorial just in time for the Christmas! For this, I am using my favourite polish based off of the Holiday Polish Picks which I posted earlier in December. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is available any more through Starrily’s website so I am sorry to tease you with it! Can you blame me? Holly Day is GORGEOUS! Today, I will be showing you the more neutral of the two staring the Holly Day nail polish, of course, and my beloved Alpine Snow from OPI.

img_2659Something I haven’t emphasized enough in my nail tutorials is that you should always be using a base coat. They allow the colour to go on much smoother, protect your nail from staining, strengthen the nail and most even dry very quickly so it gives a much better finish with much less effort. This time around, I used the OPI Nail Envy but my favourite one is in my Behind The Scenes blog post.

Step one is the base. Using OPI’s Alpine Snow, paint 2-3 coats onto your nails excluding the nail you plan to be your accent. To make things interesting, sometimes I will make my accent nail different on each hand to add a bit more flare to the overall look which is what I would do here.

img_2661Step two is the glitter! Holly Day from Starrily is a very different glitter since the white base is very opaque. It looks very much so like snow with the red and green chunky glitters underneath. So, once you know which is your accent nail, you can load on the glitter. The effect can look different depending on how much glitter you decide to add or how thick you apply the polish. Either way, you’re just about done!

img_2662So, you can stop here and simply apply your top coat or you can take a few of your glitters out of the bottle and apply one to the base of each of your other nails. This will tie the whole look together and look very Christmasy too. Even alternating the pattern on your nails would work pretty neat! All I did was take my dotting tool to an easily accessible glitter from the bottle and gently placed it at the base of my nail.

img_2663These are without a doubt my favourite nails I have done in some time! They are really cute, really simple, and remind me of sprinkles on ice cream – delicious. Happy Holidays and I hope you love these nails just as much as I do!

Thanks to Zoë for giving me the chance to share this nail tutorial with everyone! Hope you’re having fun in Peru!!

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