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Prepare for Summer: Parissa & SweetEase Waxing Kits Review + Giveaway!

SweetEase Waxing Kits 4GUESS WHAT’S COMING?! Okay this post title basically gives it away but SUMMER, followed closely by Canada Day. There are a lot of amazing Canadian brands out there and I’ve been preparing for summer with Parissa Organic Wax* and  SweetEase Waxing Kits*. One Canadian winner will get a chance to test these products out as well!

Parissa Organic WaxI was a little nervous about the Parissa Organic Wax for Legs, Body & Face, because it’s definitely the most traditional waxing I’ve ever tried on my own. The Cane Sugar wax comes in a large tube that you can heat using a microwave, as well as with three spatulas for spreading it on skin and 30 washable strips.

As much as I loved the convenience of the Nair Moroccan Argan Oil Ultimate Roll On Body Wax & Face Wax I tried last month, I actually found it a lot easier to evenly heat up this wax. In terms of application, I am really impressed. The hair does need to be a certain length, but I found removal less painful than the Nair, as the wax came off very easily, leaving my skin smooth. My biggest fear was spilling a tub of wax, and I’ll admit that it actually happened, but I was shocked to discover that with hot water this wax really is ‘washable’.

Before this, I thought you might need different waxes for your face and body, but the Parissa Organic Wax does it all! I am really impressed I am definitely neglecting my razors these days in favour of waxing instead.

SweetEase Waxing Kits 2If you don’t want to deal with a tub of wax, or if you’re traveling, or maybe you just need a quick touch up, the SweetEase Waxing Kits are a great option. They are available in Bikini, Leg and Face options, and as far as I can tell the only difference is the size of the wax strip. The packages contain a diagram for how to use them, as well as the wax strips and two After Wax Wipes.

SweetEase Waxing Kits 3To use the SweetEase Waxing Kits, you warm the strips up between your hands and then peel them apart, so each strip becomes two. Then you apply in the direction of hair growth, and remove in the opposite direction. A cool perk about these wax strips is they actually have a nice vanilla scent! However they aren’t water washable like the Parissa wax, so if you have any residue left definitely use an After Wax Wipe. SweetEase Waxing KitsI honestly find these strips okay to use, but they are not as effective as a proper tub of wax is because they aren’t as strong/sticky, so I prefer to use them for touch ups instead. If I was going on vacation, I would also take a SweetEase Waxing Kit with me because they take up no space and don’t require a microwave to use, making them very convenient.


Summer officially starts June 21st in the Northern Hemisphere, and I definitely pay more attention to hair removal in the warmer months! If the Parissa Organic Wax and SweetEase Waxing Kits caught your attention, you have a chance to win your own supply to use this summer.

The giveaway is open to Canada only, and ends June 21st at midnight EST. Good luck and thanks for supporting Writing Whimsy and making giveaways like this possible 🙂

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