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Polish Swap Haul (2)

My first polish swap haul can be viewed here. It was posted all the way back in July, and though I haven’t been perfect and keeping swapped polishes together for posts like this, I figured I would do an update with new goodies I acquired through swapping. Three of these polishes weren’t swaps– they were Random Acts of Kindness (RAoKs) from two lovely girls in my swap group who were incredibly generous and I am grateful to both of them! But now onto the gorgeous polish swap haul.
polish swap haul

Butter London Rosie Lee– was the first RAoK and honestly the one I am most excited about as I had been lusting over this polish for MONTHS.

Butter London Scallywag– was the only polish I purchased in this post, but it ended up in the photo anyway, probably because they are my first (and only) two BLs and they just look so pretty and sparkly beside each other. Besides, it was purchased from a girl in one of my swap groups, so that sorta counts?

Essie The More the Merrier– was a RAoK from a second girl, who got it for a really good deal and didn’t find anything she wanted on my swap board. Funnily enough, the same good deal showed up here, but I already had this weird but lovable shade.

Essie Off The Shoulder– I ended up with quite a few Essie pinks lately, but this isn’t one of them and it just looked so bright and summery… too bad I missed wearing it while it was actually summer!

China Glaze Liquid Crystal– Not sure how I feel about this one but it looked neat enough and what’s the harm in swapping? I think it might look really cool over black, and I generally love CG’s formula.

Julep Chelsea– Can’t say no to glitter!

Julep Popova– This gorgeous green is from the Trina Turk line at Juelp and I’d been lusting over it for awhile so I was super happy to be able to swap for it. It might make a nice Christmas manicure too.

Julep Bess– I was really happy to swap for this one but the formula is terrible even if the colour is great. It was such a mess I didn’t even take any photos! I may add polish thinner and try again, though as thick as it is I probably only have 2 uses left in the bottle.

Julep Hoch– was also a RAoK from the same lovely girl who sent me the BL, and this polish is so so hard to track down, I posted that I was looking for it and she just sent it to me but now I don’t want to use, such a pretty dark green, it will have be rationed.

Julep Eileen– I’d been trying to track down the entire Julep Trina Turk collection so that’s why there’s three of them in this polish swap haul (Popova, Hoch and Eileen). This white is the least interesting, but the formula on the polishes from that month that I’ve tried have been amazing, so I’m sure it’ll be great on my nails. I still desperately want Gunta from the line though!

Julep Etta– This was an add-on one of my first months at Julep and I remember eying it and being cheap, so I was really excited to swap for it. It’s definitely unique in my collection.

Do you swap? Are there any of these shades you really want swatched? I realized that despite swapping for all of these a couple months ago now, none of them have appeared on Writing Whimsy. I may have too many polishes… But as long as it’s a polish swap haul instead of a buying one, I don’t feel too guilty!

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