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Polish Please Wishlist (Fall Collections)

 I had so much fun last Friday with my Lip Lust List (and I’m a tiny bit hooked on Polyvore…) I decided to follow it up with another one of my favourites, POLISH. Here’s my Polish Please Wishlist for the Fall collections. There are a lot of great colours coming out but I tried to limit my lust, and I stuck to my favourite 8 that I’ve seen-–cheating and including an entire collection for number 6 (it’s not my fault I want to order it all!) Check out what’s on my Polish Please Wishlist and let me know what’s on yours!

polish please wish listSo what can you expect to (most likely) see swatches of on Writing Whimsy this fall?

1. Essie Cashmere Bathrobe (Fall 2013: For The Twill of It)

I love Essie but I was a bit bored by their last few collections, including their fall For The Twill of It. The definite exception is Cashmere Bathrobe a dark grey with silver flecks that looks absolutely stunning in swatches. It’s already available on for $7.95 and free shipping but for some reason I’m trying to be good (so far, I know I will fail, just look at this beauty!) I’m not generally into greys but this is perfect for fall and absolutely gorgeous.

2. China Glaze Bat My Eyes (Halloween 2013: Monster’s Ball)

Oh nothing like a bad pun in a polish name to make me love it even more, Bat My Eyes (swatches here) is a black jelly filled with so much gold glitter it actually looks a bit textured, but I love the scaly appearance of it and I think it makes a perfect Halloween polish… or any time of year I feel like wearing it!

3. Color Club: The Uptown (Fall 2013: Girl About Town)

There aren’t actually any swatches of the The Uptown available online (that I can find) but the bottle shot is enough to have me drooling… I mean, lusting, over it. I only have a few Color Club polishes but I have been impressed with their formula and their holos (which I sadly don’t own) are amazing so I’m betting this dark duochrome will be fantastic as well. I’ll have to pick it up and find out!

4. Joe Fresh: Peacock (Fall 2013)

I just bought my first Joe nail polish last week, and although I haven’t tried it out yet I have heard it’s pretty good and although it’s actually kinda expensive ($4 each or 3 for $10 but the bottles are tiny!) it’s a great way to test out a few colours and besides it’s not like I finish most of my polish anyway (the one I picked up was on sale though!) Still, I was really impressed when I saw what they were doing for fall, these duochromes are gorgeous. It’s also great that they revamped their bottles so that the caps come off, which should make them a lot easier to use when painting your nails as they are currently a bit bulky.

5. Joe Fresh: Quartz (Fall 2013)

I couldn’t limit myself to just one polish, the Fall/Winter collection is that pretty (and there was actually a third I almost added, so I don’t think I’ll have a problem buying 3 for $10). Quartz falls within my purple comfort zone while still being unique and different. I’ll be curious to see how it translates on the nails! If Joe Fresh keeps doing these interesting finishes, I bet there will be lots more of them on my Polish Please Wishlist.

6. Zoya Fall Pixie Dust Collection

I could not pick just one or two of these beauties. I’m not sure how I feel about textured polishes but you can always put some top coats on and they are just such gorgeous shades with that sparkle in them, I think I would wear all of these. The only one I wasn’t sure about was the orange, but I might just buy the whole set and see… stop judging me, they are so pretty!

7. Essence: Not Punky Nor Funky Be Loud Graffiti Topper (Fall 2013: Be Loud)

I’ve only recently tried Essence polish but I love it and it’s super affordable ($2) and they have some great collections. I hope this one comes to Canada so I can pick up this fantastic crazy glitter topper and probably some more of their polishes as well. For $2, so hard to say no!

8. Zoya: Hunter (Fall 2013: Cashmere)

In addition to the Fall Pixie Dust Collection Zoya is released a “satin” (metallic finish) and “cashmere” (creme finish) collection as well, but honestly most of them look a bit boring or streaky to me and just don’t blow me away enough to be worth the price tag. The exception is Hunter from the cashmere collection, a perfectly named green that just is perfect for fall and for my nails.

Have you been stalking the upcoming fall collections of polish like I have? Do you have any of these (or anything else) on your Polish Please Wishlist? Let me know if I’ve gotten you to add anything to your wishlist and how you enjoyed this post. I don’t generally post about upcoming collections because I think it can get a bit boring, but I thought this was a fun way to just share my favourites. Let me know what you think and if I should do this again for winter!

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