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Planner Supplies Haul

Planner Supplies HaulWell earlier this week I shared my planner, the Ban.Do Florabunda Planner (17 Month Large Agenda), and today I’m back with some of the planner supplies I picked up not long after. I was trying to stave off an Etsy sticker purchase, although I ended up making on anyway, but here are some goodies I picked up at Dollarama.

Planner Supplies Haul 2I’ve bought K&Company SMASH products before (I have a whole book from them I have neglected for years…) but I’d never noticed the brand at Dollarama until now. They are usually sold at Michaels and definitely more than a dollar, so I grabbed the two products they had. There are some cute sticky notes (sadly not very sticky) and some adorable clips (not very…clippy). Maybe I understand why these products were sent off to Dollarama!

Planner Supplies Haul 5One of the planning videos I’d seen recommended the brand Sticko, but this was the only design they had that I liked. I already used most of these up in my first week planning, so cute!

Planner Supplies Haul 4I couldn’t resist this Lisa Frank dalmatian rainbow tape.  I kinda want to use it on everything now, but I’ve already used it a little as a planner decoration. It’s not the best for that purpose, but it sure is cute!

Planner Supplies Haul 3This Elmer’s tape was a really good value at 3 for a dollar, and it’s pretty cute. The only thing is that it has a glossy finish that doesn’t really work if you did want to write anything on top (though that’d be hard with these patterns anyway) so it’s not really “true” washi.

Planner Supplies Haul 6I had a fun time “splurging” at Dollarama on this batch of planner supplies, and although I kept the spending under $10, I did make an Esty order a couple weeks later. Now that those stickers have arrived (see here), they are quite nice, but I am reminded that I have way more than enough at home for any decorating I want to do so I will try to show some more self-control going forward. But planning supplies are so much fun!

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