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Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance

I definitely have a bit of a perfume addiction, but although Philosophy is a brand whose bath products I really like, I had never tried any of their scents before. That changed with Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance*, released in January.

Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance is a scent that is begging for spring, so arriving, as it did, in the midst of a particularly bad winter, seemed like a bit of a cruel joke. This scent contains notes of bergamont and citrus, jasmine and pink passion fruit. On me, it’s fresh, bright scent, a light floral with a mix of citrus. It’s an easy to wear, inoffensive scent. It’s the kind of smell that doesn’t overwhelm, but instead is just a hint of something nice.

Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance

Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance is an Eau de Toilette (EdT) which means it’s not as long-lasting as a perfume and unfortunately I only get about three hours of wear out of this. That said, I don’t mind reapplying and it is available in a rollerball format as well. I think this is a scent that is young without being juvenile, and would work no matter your age. There’s something just so easy and lovely about it.

Overall, I think Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance is a lovely scent for spring and I’m sure I’ll be finishing up my little bottle in no time. It is light, fresh, and crisp and my only disappointment is that it doesn’t last longer.

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