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Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance Layering Set

I’m a big fan of Philosophy, and although I’ve mostly been interested in their more foodie scents, they also have some fresh, clean ones as well. At Christmas, one of the gift set options was the Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance Layering Set* and although it is no longer available, you can any of the three products I’m reviewing separately.

Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance 5

The set I received contained a mini-sized Fragrance, Firming Body Emulsion and Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel, all in the Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance. I love sets like this because they are a perfect way to really try out a scent, plus, as advertised you have the ability to layer that scent so that it really lasts and so you don’t have multiple competing scents. I also don’t mind the smaller product size–especially considering how big my stash of showergel already is!

Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance 3I think I’m going to review the Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance Layering Set in the reverse order you’d layer them, starting with the Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance Eau de Toilette Spray. Although this is fresh scent is great for spring, unfortunately it disappeared even quicker than Philosophy Loveswept. Scents react different depending on your body chemistry, so I checked out the Sephora reviews but it seems like basically everyone feels this way as well. On me, Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance lasts an hour to two. Luckily I have a small size that is easy to take with me, which is absolutely necessary if you want to maintain this scent.

Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance

The second product I tested out was the Philosophy Living Grace Firming Body Emulsion and honestly if you want lasting scent, this is probably your best bet out of the three. I’m not sure how this works in terms of the “firming” properties, however it absorbs quickly on my body (I wouldn’t use this as a hand cream) and has a nice, creamy consistency to it. I think it does a good job moisturizer my skin, and if you like the scent, it does stick around for awhile.

Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance 2

The final product in the trio is the Philosophy Living Grace Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel, which is probably the product Philosophy is best known (and loved) for. I tested this out as both a bubble bath and a shower gel, as I know from the past I prefer a dedicated shampoo, and I liked it as both. As a bubble bath it creates a decent amount of bubbles and although they are not very long lasting, it also made my water the tiniest bit blue. All the moisturizing properties it offers as a shower gel means that the bath water also feels really nice, and as a shower gel it has a good creamy lather and didn’t leave my skin feeling dry.

Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance 7
Swatches of Philosophy Living Grace Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel on left, Firming Body Emulsion on right.

In terms of the scent of the products, if you had to picture a scent that described the word “clean”, that’s probably what the Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance smells like. It contains notes of fresh neroli, lily of the valley and warm musk, which means it’s a light, fresh scent with a slight hint of musk at the base. This is a refreshing scent, and like Philosophy Loveswept (review here) it is perfect for spring. However while Loveswept is stronger on the florals, this is ultimately smells a lot like fresh water to me, and in fact reminds me a bit of Demeter Frozen Pond (review here). It’s not an incredibly memorable scent or something I absolutely adore, but it is nice, and as the snow melts I will definitely enjoy using it.

Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance 4

Ultimately, out of the three products I tried, I would recommend both the Firming Body Emulsion and Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel, but would pass on the fragrance itself. Although I didn’t end up obsessed with the Philosophy Living Grace Fragrance the way I do when I truly love a scent, it is nice and very refreshing for spring.

Do you like “clean” scents? Let me know what your favourite one is, and if you’ve tried this one by Philosophy before.

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