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Philosophy Girls of Summer Set

Philosophy Girls of Summer Set 2I love the brand Philosophy, which is most famous for their three-in-one shower gel/shampoo/bubble bath in dozens of sweet and creative scents. They do regular limited edition seasonal offerings, and the latest one is the Philosophy Girls of Summer Set*, available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay for a limited time only.

Philosophy Girls of Summer SetPhilosophy Girls of Summer Set contains three shampoo/shower gel/bubble baths in summery scents such as Beach Girl, Paradise Girl and Cabana Girl. They’re each 180 mL which is a decent size and also good for summer travel, especially because they can be used for multiple purposes. That said, for me I definitely like this formula best as a shower gel, and find it not quite moisturizing enough for a shampoo.

Philosophy Girls of Summer Set 4The first scent in the Philosophy Girls of Summer Set is Beach Girl, also known as Orange Slush. According to Philosophy “beach girls make time to play in the surf. life isn’t all work; life is play, and it keeps our spirits alive.” Philosophy Beach Girl smells 100% like an orange slushie, which I surprisingly actually really love (I don’t like actual orange soda) and is really sweet and bright for summer. I think I might get sick of the scent if I had a massive bottle, but in a smaller size like this, it’s pretty perfect.

Philosophy Girls of Summer Set 6Next up in the Philosophy Girls of Summer Set was Philosophy Paradise Girl, also known as Tropical Fruit Colada because “paradise girls love to dance in the sand. life is a beach, and they live on island time.” This creamy white shower gel smells like a less coconut version of a pina colada, which is great for me because I actually don’t like coconut. Instead, Paradise Girl is quite heavy on pineapple, and I think it would be delicious to use after a day at the beach before heading out for the night.

Philosophy Girls of Summer Set 5The final scent in the Philosophy Girls of Summer Set is Philosophy Cabana Girl, or, the one with coconut (and guava). This is another island tropical scent, as “the cabana girl hums a carefree tune as she blends fresh coconut with juicy guava.” That’s exactly what this one smells like, although I find it much heavier on the kind of artificial coconut I really don’t like, and less intense on the fruit, although I do like the touch of guava that comes through. If you like coconut this is probably a hit, so my boyfriend will be using this one up for me instead.

Philosophy Girls of Summer Set 3Overall, I’d say the Philosophy Girls of Summer Set comes with three yummy summery scents in an adorable box that would make a great gift for a summer birthday girl or anyone looking to treat themselves to some festive shower gel. Are you a beach girl, a paradise girl, or a cabana girl?

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