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Perfect Polish for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day Green Nail Polishes I really have a lot of fun with colour-themed posts, and it’s been awhile since I shared one, so I decided to round up Perfect Polish for St. Patrick’s Day (thanks to Natalie for the post title!), featuring eight different shades of green polish. Of course, you don’t need a holiday to wear green nails, and these offerings show that there’s a shade for everyone–no need to be green with envy!

St. Patrick's Day Green Nail Polishes  2Each of the first four shades in my Perfect Polish for St. Patrick’s Day required two coats for opacity. First up, there’s Sally Hansen Matte Effect Royal Shyness*, which is a bright kelly green I really fell for despite usually preferring shiny to matte, at least when it comes to polish. This shade is a part of the same The Royals collection as Sally Hansen Mind Your Manners, which I actually applied on top of the next shade in my original review.

Sally Hansen Ever Green* is an army green from the Fall Collection which is the only one of these shades I had previously swatched. It’s definitely different from the seven others, and to me it really is a perfect fall shade. On the spring side of things, there’s Sally Hansen Piqué Side*, another Complete Salon Manicure shade, this one in a minty green with a golden shimmer to it. The formula was flawless  and I think it’s a nice twist on a very popular colour.

I also have a green from the new, reformulated Wet N Wild shades which I previously shared Red Red from. You can combine that shade with Wet N Wild Do Pass Go* for the perfect Christmas manicure, but I really love this shade on its own as well–it probably says St. Patrick’s Day to me the most.

St. Patrick's Day Green Nail Polishes The next four shades in my Perfect Polish for St. Patrick’s Day are the three coaters–and as you can tell, three of them are still pretty sheer at that.

Sally Hansen Kelp Out*–not to be confused with Sally Hansen Kelp Yourself–is a bright green but slightly sheer shade with a very shiny finish. I really love the colour, but I do wish it was fully opaque.

I also have two green shades from Sally Hansen Miracle Gel line, which promises long lasting wear and shine with easy removal. I actually don’t have the top coat, so I’m not sure how those promises fare, but Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Super Charge* would definitely benefit from a base colour. There’s actually a bit of yellow/orange duochrome to the shade, but it is a little streaky and sheer with three coats, so I’d apply one over black instead to get the full benefit. In comparison, Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Wet My Thistle* is a light yellowish green cream which does become opaque and is also a lovely shade for spring.

Finally, OPI My Gecko Does Tricks* is from the new Hawaii collection, which I’ll have swatches of soon. It’s a sheer, thin polish that unfortunately is kinda streaky but the lime green does have a hint of bronze to it in the right light. Like Super Charge, I think this might be prettiest over black.

Of course, in addition to these eight Perfect Polish for St. Patrick’s Day shades I’ve already shared plenty of greens on Writing Whimsy in the past which means I have lots to pick from on Tuesday. Still, I’m leaning between Sally Hansen Matte Effect Royal Shyness and Wet N Wild Do Pass Go. Do you have a favourite green polish?

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