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Orly: Buried Alive

Alright so I had a lot of fun with my first nail swatch/review of Hampstead Gardens by Nails Inc., and last week I picked up a brand new polish by Orly– well not brand new as in from a new collection, but brand new as in I just purchased it, so of course I decided to give this polish review another go and maybe eventually my photos of my hands will get less awkward and claw-like.
The polish I was so excited to find is Orly’s Buried Alive, which was on sale for $3 and my first time testing out an “official” Orly polish, since I own quite a few of their Quo line which is a lot easier to find in Canada. Buried Alive belongs to the Dark Shadows collection, inspired by the film.
Buried Alive is a rich, dark brown filled with an underlying gold shimmer that gives it some sparkle during the daytime, while keeping it professional-looking indoors. I also detected some coppery shimmer as well, which helps give depth to the brown though my photos aren’t the best at capturing it.
While wearing it, I never picked up quite as much gold on my fingers as I did in the bottle, but working in a lab indoors all day, and being in the midst of a Canadian winter, means I might have missed out on the bright sunlight needed to pick up the glitter.
In these photos I’m wearing a quick-dry base coat by Revlon, two coats of Buried Alive and a quick Seche Vite top coat. It definitely needed two coats because it turned out kinda splotchy or streaky in some places after just one. Two coats was perfect for keeping my nails covered and giving it an even, opaque, colour. That said, the polish was a tiny bit thick, but I didn’t have any problems applying it.
Honestly, I’m usually not a fan of browns but the gold in this one captured my attention and I’m glad it did. It’s such a rich, full colour, and the gold shimmer just brings it to life and makes it something special without being totally flamboyant. I don’t think I’ve converted over to brown nail polish, but I’ll definitely be wearing Buried Alive again, and I’ll be keeping my eye out for future Orly’s in the bargain bin.
Do you have any brown polishes you’re in love with? Have you found any awesome polishes in the bargain bin lately?
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