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OPI Polished Quartz DS Titanium and DS Tourmaline

OPI Polished Quartz DS Titanium and DS TourmalineI have admired the OPI Designer Series polishes from afar for awhile, and they are really some of the more gorgeous polishes, so I was really excited to get my hands on the latest two shades, OPI Polished Quartz DS Titanium* and DS Tourmaline*.

OPI Polished Quartz DS Titanium 2 OPI Polished Quartz DS TitaniumThe two shades in this series were inspired by semi-precious stones, and I think that is especially obvious in the first shade OPI Polished Quartz DS Titanium, a dark black silvery glitter. I applied two coats and really found it gave a crushed gem look, and it was surprisingly not very gritty at all despite the glitter. Although it has a smooth finish, it is a semi-matte so you need to add a top coat if you want it to be extra-glossy. Both shades are pretty but this is definitely my personal favourite, I love the look of all that multidimensional glitter just hiding in the dark base.

OPI Polished Quartz DS Tourmaline OPI Polished Quartz DS Tourmaline 2The second shade is a pink with a similar finish, and that’s OPI Polished Quartz DS Tourmaline. I also went with two coats for this shade, which isn’t 100% opaque. I find both polishes to be kinda thick and take a little while to dry though so I wouldn’t really want to add a third coat. These polishes are so pretty in the sun, and I manage to capture this shade that way and shared it on Instagram (here). It also doesn’t have a super gritty finish to the polish, although a top coat will make it perfectly smooth. It is supposed to be semi-matte but I find it even less noticeable with this shade than OPI Polished Quartz DS Titanium. Wear time wasn’t great for me, but I didn’t use a top coat and I did use OPI Glitter Off Base Coat which really diminishes the wear of a polish but makes the removal supper easy.

Now that I’ve shared them OPI Polished Quartz DS shade is your favourite? Do you own any of the Designer Series already? They all look so gorgeous!

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