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OPI Coca-Cola: My Signature is “DC”, Coca-Cola Red, A Grape Affair

Coca-Cola RedOut of all the recent OPI collections, I was most excited about this, their collaboration with soft drink brand Coca-Cola. My dad drinks a lot of Diet Coke, and also has a great collection of Coke glasses (sadly far away from me so I couldn’t pose with them) so I was pretty excited to get some matching polish for a brand that has always been pretty connected to my childhood. Out of the OPI Coca-Cola collection I got three polishes to try out, they are OPI My Signature is “DC”*, OPI Coca-Cola Red* and OPI A Grape Affair*.

OPI Coca-Cola My Signature is “DC” 2 OPI Coca-Cola My Signature is “DC” OPI Coca-Cola My Signature is “DC” 3 OPI Coca-Cola My Signature is “DC” (inspired by Diet Coke): My initial impression? This shimmery silver is just “write!”

This polish is pretty similar to a can of Diet Coke and it’s also a strange metallic/foil that doesn’t seem streaky, although it does emphasize any imperfections in your nails. I went with two coats for opacity and it had a great formula, I have been really impressed by all the OPI polishes I’ve been using lately formula-wise. Although I actually prefer a more boring-shade of this collection, OPI Coca-Cola My Signature is “DC” is really shiny and bright, and almost glows in the light.

OPI Coca-Cola Red 2 OPI Coca-Cola Red OPI Coca-Cola Red 3OPI Coca-Cola Red (inspired by Coca-Cola): Classic red – always in style, always perfect.

I think this a great red for summer, but OPI Coca-Cola Red is actually a bit warmer-toned than I would have expected for a classic red. That said, it’s also got a great formula although I wish it was more opaque. It’s a very bright shiny red but sheer, so I ended up going with three coats. Overall, it’s a really pretty shade but I would have preferred it be a little more opaque so I could have gone with one or two coats instead.

OPI Coca-Cola A Grape Affair OPI Coca-Cola A Grape Affair 3 OPI Coca-Cola A Grape Affair 2OPI Coca-Cola A Grape Affair (inspired by Fanta Grape): Make a big to-do in this deepest, darkest purple.

The final shade I tried out from the collection was actually my favourite, and I did it last so I could leave it on my nails afterwards (and it had only minor tip wear in three days!) OPI Coca-Cola A Grape Affair is a dark purple that is incredibly shiny– there’s two coats and no top coat in those photos. It also is very obviously purple, unlike some dark purples that seem to show up black on the nails. I am a huge purple lover and this also has great formula, so I know I’ll be reaching for this one quite a few more times, especially in the fall.

Have you tried out any of the shades from the OPI Coca-Cola collection? Let me know if you’ll be picking up any of these shades!

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