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Online Grocery Shopping with Atlantic Superstore

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for President’s Choice. All opinions expressed are my own–I’ll definitely be using this service again!

I’m going to be honest: my life has been pretty exhausting over the past year. I’m at a stage in my career where I am taking on a lot of new responsibilities and setting myself up (hopefully) for future success, but that means I have to work harder, and be busier, than I have ever been before. If I can save a little time in other areas of my life, I am going to do it, which is why I was so thrilled to learn my local Atlantic Superstore in the Annapolis valley, Nova Scotia, is now offering online grocery shopping.

If you are concerned online grocery shopping is too complicated to be worthwhile, I want to assure you, that it is not. It’s so easy to shop from the homepage, and you can search items based on PC Optimum point offers, flyer deals, or just whatever you are interested in looking for. I actually did a “gluten free” search and found a bunch of gluten free items I’d never seen in store, because it can be hard to track them all down. I added a few “notes” to items, like the ripeness I wanted my bananas, or that I’d like small Brussel sprouts.

Then I picked a time and date for delivery–you can order up to 1 week in advance–and submitted my order.

I received a call about my order from the Atlantic Superstore staff, confirming a couple items, such as a cheese that was sold out (they gave me a replacement for the same price and a rain check!) and some bean sprouts that only had a few days left before expiry (which they gave me for 50% off since I still wanted them). When I arrived at the Atlantic Superstore to pick up my order, I pulled up to one of the designated spots right at the front of the store, and I called to let the staff know I was there. Normally you’d wait in your car, and the staff on duty would come out with your groceries (or to get your reusable bags, if you had requested your items be packed that way).

I think the online grocery shopping at Atlantic Superstore is a fantastic option not just if you’re really busy and don’t want to spend a ton of time in store (and getting distracted, like I do) but also if you aren’t very mobile. The staff at the store even packs up your car for you!

I was curious so I went inside the Atlantic Superstore to see what the setup is like. Orders are packed the day of pick up and stored at the front of the store in green bins with barcodes so they are easy to track and pack quickly. There is shelving for dry goods, and fridges and freezers for items that need to be stored cool. I watched an order before mine be packed and delivered to the car, and it took under 5 minutes for the entire process from arrival to departure.

You can pay using your credit card on the website (and this even allows you to let somebody else pick up your groceries for you, if you request!) or using debit or cash. Of course, since your order is linked to your account, you automatically get your PC Optimum points.

One of the things I worried about the most with online grocery shopping was if the quality of the items would be up to my standards. I really do like small brussel spouts for example, so I can be kinda picky when purchasing them in store. Luckily, my fears were completely unfounded. I actually think the staff at Atlantic Superstore did a better job selecting my groceries than I do!

Right now, if you want to try out online grocery shopping with Atlantic Superstore you can get your first month of orders without a packing charge (check out the website here and use the code FREEMONTH), so it is really risk-free. Normally, the cost is $3-$5 depending on when your pickup is. Honestly, using this service saved me an hour of my life, easily, so it’s absolutely worth the cost and I will be making use of this service in the future. I always spend way more time than I mean to in the grocery store, getting distracted by things I don’t need as well as  running back and forth across the store because I have forgotten an item in the produce section.

I’ve had an especially busy year, but even if that wasn’t the case, I can think of a trillion things I would rather do with the time I save skipping the hassle and checkout lines at the grocery store. Instead, I can spend the time at home, relaxing with a book, or making it home early enough after work and grocery shopping to cook a home-made meal. Honestly, I am so thrilled this service is now available at my local Atlantic Superstore and I will definitely continue to use it.

Have you tried online grocery shopping before? Would you?

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