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One Brand FOTD: Quo Fall 2014 Collection

Quo Fall 2014 CollectionLast week I shared several polishes that are a part of the Quo by ORLY Fall 2014 Collection*, and today I’m back with a FOTD featuring some of the brand new, limited edition makeup that was released as a part of the Quo Fall 2014 Collection. The packaging has a black and blue zebra design that is really pretty, and the compacts have a nice weight to them as well. There is really something in the collection for your whole face, so I’ll be sharing two eyeshadow palettes, a face palette, a brow palette, and a lipstick before putting them altogether for a fall FOTD.

Quo Fall 2014 Collection 4 1-Quo Fall 2014 Collection 4 CollageThere are three eyeshadow palettes in the Quo Fall 2014 Collection, and the first one I tried is the Quo Eye Palette in Fairy Tale. There is definitely a trend towards more pink shadows, so I was excited to see some in this palette along with some more wearable neutrals. The shadows themselves a bit inconsistent in pigmentation, some of the lighter ones aren’t very visible, but the darker pink and bronze shade are very pretty. Something I found with these palettes is that I had to “wear away” a little bit of the top layer to get that richer pigmentation.

Quo Fall 2014 Collection 5 1-Quo Fall 2014 Collection 3 CollageOut of the two eye palettes I tried from the Quo Fall 2014 Collection, the Quo Eye Palette in Nightingale is definitely my favourite as it is filled with some pretty purples and blues for fall. I think in general the pigmentation is strongest on the matte shadows (look at that teal!) which is unusual for drugstore shadows, however the two shimmery purple shades are quite pretty as well. Again, there are two sheer, shimmery shades that would mainly work as a highlight. There are a ton of looks you could with this palette, but I used the right half of it to create the eye look below.

Quo Fall 2014 CollectionI did also have glitter fallout with the more shimmery shades in both palettes I tried from the Quo Fall 2014 Collection, so I recommend doing your eye makeup before the rest of your face if you’re using some of the more glittery shades, for example the fifth from the left in the Nightingale palette, which I used on the inner eye in the look above, had quite a lot of fallout. In the eye look, my brows are also filled in using the Quo Browz Eyebrow Palette.

Quo Fall 2014 Collection 6 1-Quo Fall 2014 Collection CollageThe Quo Browz Eyebrow Palette contains two eyebrow powders along with an eyebrow cream that makes it suitable for most brow shades, although it wasn’t a perfect match for my super dark hair. I only used the darker shade, but depending on your hair colour you could use a mixture of the two to get the appropriate colour. The eyebrow cream is quite soft, not one of those thicker waxes, which makes it easier to blend into your brows, and I did find it helped hold them in place. I appreciate that these shadows aren’t too heavily pigmented because it’s a lot easier to add to your brows slowly to get the most natural look.

Quo Fall 2014 Collection 3 1-Quo Fall 2014 Collection 5 CollageQuo Fall 2014 Collection also contained two face palettes, which each contain two blushes and a highlighter. I received the Quo Face Palette in Whimsical, which contains two really pretty blushes and a highlight that looks more like a light bronzer to me. I am glad it is a lot smaller than the blushes, because I will get a lot more use out of those as I don’t really wear bronzer (yet). The blush on the left is a lot darker, but both shades can be quite pigmented and build up on the skin, and I think they are both really pretty for fall. I am wearing the shade on the far right in my FOTD.

Quo Fall 2014 Collection 7 1-Quo Fall 2014 Collection 2 CollageFinally, there are four shades of lipstick available in the Quo Fall 2014 Collection, and the shade I tried out was the Quo Lipstick in Nearly Nude, which is a pale, nude pink. It has unusual packaging that almost makes it look like a Christmas present, although I wish it could stand up. Swatched, I think it is really pretty nude pink shade, but on my lips it was a bit hard and uneven. I would definitely recommend a lip scrub first.

1-IMG_3623Well, there’s my Quo Fall 2014 Collection FOTD, using all products from this collection with the exception of my mascara. I think rosy cheeks, nude lips, strong brows, and purple shadows are all great for the autumn season.

Quo Fall 2014 Collection 2There is a huge variety of products in Quo Fall 2014 Collection, including more shades I haven’t shared in this post, so I think this is a great place to look if you’re wanting to add some fall-appropriate makeup items to your collection. My personal favourite is the Quo Face Palette in Whimsical and Quo Eye Palette in Nightingale. What do you think of this collection? Is there anything you’ll be picking up?

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