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October Favourites

So I skipped September Favourites (although sadly, I did have a list of them but unlike empties it just feels weird to blog about them now) due to traveling at the end of the month and getting behind on things. However I did like doing the post in August and got good feedback, so here I return with my October Favourites. Also apparently there is a burgundy theme as four of my nine items fit the colour scheme. Interesting, but perfect for fall I think!

Also, apparently my August Favourites (click here if you want to see them) had 7 items and my October favourites have 9… hopefully this trend doesn’t continue! I do try not to be repetitive, ie: 1 perfume, 1 lip product, to help narrow down on my picks. But I guess I had a lot of favourites this month.
october favourites 2

I’m not into Taylor Swift music but the first time I smelled Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted? Pure heaven. This perfume is loaded with vanilla and perfect for winter time. The bottle is gorgeous and I also have its twin, Wonderstruck, lurking away somewhere. I’ve only recently become interested in perfume and this is definitely one of my favourites.

Because it was my birthday this month I got my Sephora Birthday Gift and that included a mini Benefit They’re Real! mascara and it is amazing! I used it in my first FOTD if you’re interested, but I am desperately trying to track down more samples of it. I find it gives a great boost to your lashes but doesn’t go overboard and the only problem I have is it’s a little difficult to get off.

Also on my eyes, I’ve been wearing the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk. When I first saw it I was really confused by this colour as an eyeshadow, but I swatched it and it was so gorgeous. Then I saw it online in a few places and I realized it was the perfect Autumn colour. It has great colour payoff and I also think it helps bring out the green in hazel eyes like mine which looks really pretty.

A third burgundy product is the holographic polish, Rebel Rainbow Lacquer Everyone Have Fun Tonight*, which is such a beautiful, multidimensional polish and the colour just makes it perfect for fall. You can check out my swatches of it here.

A second repeat from my FOTD is the Make Up For Ever 122 Blending Powder Brush*, which is more than my student budget can afford, but now that I’ve tried it, it’s so dangerous. It does such an even, natural job and it honestly feels so soft and amazing. Just really in love with this brush these days.

october favourites

With the change in the weather, I’ve been leaning towards more lip balms these days and the one I’ve been picking up the most is Jordana Sweet N Smooth in Vanilla Cake. This isn’t a tinted balm, but it’s really moisturizing and smells great. I really love the consistency of it, although the packaging isn’t perfect. These cost around a dollar or two, and are definitely worth it. I have some other shades too (coloured) but I haven’t really tried them out yet.

I also haven’t really tried out the Lush Rose Jam Showergel* but I had to include it anyway. I actually tried this for the first time on October 31st, but I immediately fell in love with the rose and vanilla scent. It’s amazing. I am very much tempted by a 500 mL bottle because this scent is limited edition (it should be back next winter), despite knowing how long it’s taking me to finish the other 500 mL showergel I have. Months. But I highly recommend smelling this if you get a chance, so amazing!

I try not to have brand repeats on these lists, but there’s a second thing I’m obsessed with for the bath, which is the Lush Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb*. You can read a full review here, but it smells like my August Favourite, It’s Raining Men Showergel, and turns the bathwater purple. Swoon. I’m in love.

Finally, I’ll end with a less-glamorous but none-the-less necessary item, concealer. This was gifted to me by my amazing friend Laala who recently started a makeup blog at Intermittent Makeup. It’s the Collection 200 Lasting Perfection Concealer in 2 Light. We don’t have this brand in Canada, so I’ll definitely have to track some down from the UK when I finish this because it’s amazing. Creamy but doesn’t crease, it does a fantastic job concealing blemishes and even though there are only 3 shades, this one matches my skintone quite well.

So those are my October Favourites. I hope you don’t mind me including some pr samples, because they are products I’ve truly been loving this month or they wouldn’t be here. I’m traveling a bit in November and also really busy with school stuff and possibly doing NaNoWriMo so who knows what products I’ll be using, but whatever my favourites are, I’ll be back with them in a month!

What were your October Favourites?

*PR Samples
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