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October Empties

Another month, another set of empties. Doesn’t it feel like I just did these? Oh wait, I did. Yesterday. For September. Whoops. Well here are my October Empties. I wasn’t overly successful at finishing things this month but I did hit pan on an eyeshadow (yay!) and having another polish make it into an empties is a huge accomplishment all on its own. That said, I always feel like I could do a “better job” at finishing a polish, but at a certain point it because so gloopy and hard to access I give up. Thoughts?

october empties 3

So, yeah, not a bad batch for October Empties, but I’ve definitely done better. I’m planning to focus my attention a bit better for the month of November as I have a few products that are nearly done.

october empties 4

1. Pantene– Silicone Free Shampoo (Volume)

NO. I just don’t like these silicone-free shampoos from Pantene and I’m glad I’m done my second one and I’m not buying anymore, even if I find them for a dollar. They just tangle and dry out my hair. *

2. Secret– Clinical (Light and Fresh Scent)

I picked this up before I went traveling because the last thing I wanted to worry about was sweating, and haven’t used it regularly since then because I know it’s loaded with aluminum I was trying to avoid but before I started on my aluminum-free deodorant I decided to finish it up. It really does the job and I would definitely repurchase for a similar situation (ie: when I travel again in December). ***

I also finished three goodies from Lush, but because paper bags are boring, I’ll share pictures of them here.

lush halloween 2013 2

2. Lush–Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb*

My first Lush bath bomb! I popped the whole thing in even though it wasn’t necessary, and I loved it. Definitely tempting to grab another one before the holiday season, and this limited edition product, are gone. See my full review here. ***

Lush Bombardino 4

4. Lush- Bombardino Bath Bomb*

Such an adorable little guy! He smells amazing– like lemon cheesecake! But he’s also significantly smaller than Lord of Mirsule without much of a change in the price. He definitely made me want a Bombardino though! **

Lush melting snowman 2

5. Lush- Melting Snowman Bath Melt*

This little guy is just so cute and tiny. But that’s the problem, he’s just a bit too tiny for me even if he makes the water lovely, it’s just not interesting enough to be worth the price for me. But he’s so adorable he would make a great gift. *

october empties 2

6. ELF– Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths

I had heard these were good so I grabbed a few when I made an ELF order months ago and I seem to have opened all the packages and lost them in various places. But finally finished one! They had sorta dried out so I had to wet them a bit first, but that’s completely my fault for taking so long with them. Usually, there is a lot of moisture on the cloth and I think they do a good job removing makeup on those lazy days, and they’re a great price, so I’d probably grab them again the future. ***

7. Wet N Wild – Comfort Zone

It physically pains me to throw it out but it’s just got to go. I dropped this in July and it’s just such a mess and when I try to use it I just get annoyed. The shadows in it are fantastic though and I think I’ll be repurchasing the exact same thing. I just need to be more careful next time!

october empties

8. Rimmel– 250 Sunshine

I finished another polish! Wow. So proud of myself. This one was a billion years old, but I love the brand and love the line. It’s a great yellow colour but the polish itself has a more stereotypical yellow formula (ie: not great). However I was recently sent a dupe of this product so I won’t be repurchasing because I basically already have it. **

9. Julep– Volumizing Mascara 

This is one of those mascaras with fibres in it and I really enjoyed it when I was using it, but it was getting a bit old and dried out (I like to think I had basically finished it, but have no idea how to tell, but it wasn’t really working anymore). Anyway I have since found a new mascara love, but I do have another tube or two of this from Julep so I’ll definitely be returning to it in the future. ***

10. Lip Smackers (Pink Lemonade)

This was a clear gloss with a doe-foot applicator that I really liked the consistency of even if the scent wasn’t perfect. It was great for adding shine and I really enjoyed it but there are lots of similar products out there. I think I have another one of these left though amongst my ridiculous lip gloss collection. **

october empties 611. Tazo– Iced (Passion)

YUM! No tea this month because I’ve been doing a lot of lab work which means less chance for tea while I’m dealing with mold, but I did make my last pitcher of this. So delicious. I bought it in the US and have never seen these massive tea bags here, but I suppose I could easily do this myself. If I ever saw it again though I would probably grab it just in case. ***

12. Ashland– Citrus Basil

Look at me, finally finishing up some summer candles! This smell great but the smell didn’t fill the whole room the way I wanted it to. For $6 it was decent, but I really just want some more clearance BBW candles. In the meantime I’ll probably keep buying this, or ones like it.  ***

13. Bath and Body Works – Deep Cleansing Hand Soap (Warm Vanilla Sugar)

I like these soaps a lot but ugh, this scent. I thought vanilla would work because I love it, but I was so sick of this by the end. It’s almost too sweet, and it just felt cloying by the end of it. I’ll definitely rebuy from BBW but not in this scent. **

Overall, it was an okay month with my October empties but I definitely know I could have done better. However as long as I’m finishing up products I’m happy. I also successfully completed my October No Buy which is great since that means 13 products out, no new products in except for some PR Samples. I know there’s been an influx of PR samples on my blog lately, but I definitely treat them exactly the same way as I do products I buy, and as a student it gives me the chance to try and review products I wouldn’t always be able to so hopefully you guys are okay with that. I am always open to feedback and if you have any concerns let me know.

Let me know how your October was and if you have any favourite empties this month?

*PR Samples (beside product name)

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