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October 2015 Empties

October 2015 Empties 7

There’s nothing like getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff first to make Boxing Day shopping feel like a great idea–because it is, obviously–so I figured today was a good day to post my October 2015 Empties. I mean, obviously November 1st would have been an even better day, but, here’s what I managed. November and December empties to come over the next 2 weeks as well, I promise. Maybe. I haven’t written them yet but that’s the plan at least. Don’t pressure me guys!

October 2015 Empties 5

First up in my October 2015 Empties is this random category of ‘tall stuff that didn’t fit in other photos’. It includes a Candle Lite Exotic Mango Candle, which was nice and affordable but not remarkable and Crystal Waters Mango Pineapple Body Soak Bath Salts, also from Walmart, same opinion. I wanted to love the Odylique Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo*, but this actually dried my scalp out so bad it’s barely recovered 2 months later.

The Dial Miracle Oil with Caring Marula Oil Liquid Hand Soap* had a nice warm scent and did a good job as a hand soap but I’ve since switched to using my insane amount of shower gel as hand soap instead. Finally, I clearly picked up the Sally Hansen Strengthening Nail Polish Remover at the dollar store, and it did the job, although I don’t think any acetone-based remover is going to ‘strengthen’ your nails…

October 2015 Empties 8

Just three Lush products in my October 2015 Empties, but I’ve definitely made good progress on my goal of not having so much of “Lush stash” this year. I used up the Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar*, which had a great scent with lots of bubbles but I prefer the Brightside Bubble Bar because it has no glitter. I also sadly finished my Lush The Rough With The Smooth Body Scrub*, which I loved, although I’m using the holiday Lush Salt and Peppermint Bark Body Scrub right now instead. Finally, I’m all out of my Lush Retread Hair Conditioner*, which I enjoyed, but didn’t replace the need for the occasional hair mask.

October 2015 Empties 3

I also have a little Dove Men +Care Fortifying Shampoo sample, which was a shampoo, but nothing standout although it had a good ‘manly’ scent. I’m sad to have finished up this COLAB Sheer Invisible Dry Shampoo in London*, which really does a great job even if I prefer the Rio scent. The BIO-BEAUTE by NUXE High Nutrition Body Lotion* was really nourishing and had a cold cream-ish scent I quite enjoyed, but I have enough body lotion to lather the whole province at this point… Finally, acquiring a jumbo size of The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil reminded me I still had a nearly finished small bottle, so I used the rest up. I find it really effective for getting rid of bleminshes but it can make the area a little dry and flaky.

October 2015 Empties

The Body Shop Fuji Green Tea Exfoliating Soap* was my favourite product I tried from the scent range, since it really does exfoliate and has a nice, soothing and refreshing scent. I also used up three Sephora samples, a Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream (love the brand, hate this scent), a First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream (really nice and hydrating) and a Givenchy Mister Mat (a lovely primer, but I have a few already).

October 2015 Empties 2

My October 2015 Empties actually include a few things I would call makeup products, so that’s exciting. I used two sets imPRESS Haloween Manicures*, Cauldron (pumpkins) and Fright Night (spiders) and while these designs are longer, my nails were actually quite long in October so it worked perfectly. I really loved the glittery blue of Fright Night in particular and hope they bring that design back. For nails, I also used up this lovely  perwinkle mini Rainbow Honey in Tessie*. I made it through quite a few mini polishes in 2015, so hopefully I can keep that up next year.

I’m also saying goodbye to an old, but much loved, Make Up For Ever Smoky Stretch Mascara*, which I ended up loving way more after I reviewed it and it dried out a bit. This is why you write empties! The ELF Clear Brow & Lash Mascara is just a basic that I bought a ton of backups of. I also finished up a Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15* which may or may not be a PR sample, I’ve owned plenty of these minis in the past and I’ll continue to track them down where I can because I love it so much.

Finally, I’m tossing the MUA Lipstick in Shade 11 without considering it an empty, but it was SO close I had to share it anyway. I used this as a part of my Finish 5 By Fall in 2014, and it’s just in rough shape and the cap doesn’t stay on and for a $3 lipstick, it was really pretty, but I’m over trying to force myself to use it up.

October 2015 Empties 4

We’re almost there! Just tea left for my October 2015 Empties including a Tetley Signature Collection High Tea which was black tea with vanilla and made a lovely latte. There’s DAVIDsTEA Cold Zing* and DAVIDsTEA Cold 911* which are both from DAVIDsTEA Help Has Arrived Kit and great if you are feeling under the weather. Steeped Tea Apple Crumble* is a nice black tea with a hint of apple that’s great for fall.

October 2015 Empties 6

In terms of DAVIDsTEA, there’s some DAVIDsTEA Blueberry Matcha I picked up when I was getting the two other fruity flavours and had to try it even though it didn’t smell great. Honestly it didn’t taste that great either. I really enjoyed DAVIDsTEA Mango Matcha and would probably repurchase some if it came back, but the one I love is the Peach Matcha which I bought 100 grams of and have since finished too.

I’ve continued to make a ton of iced tea, it’s just so convenient and has basically no calorie but loads of flavour. It also means I go through herbal tea way faster. In October I finished 50 grams of DAVIDsTEA Ruby Red (okay, but not as good as Raspberry Mojito from the same collection), DAVIDsTEA Luscious Watermelon (delicious and very watermelony, but quite heavy so 50 grams didn’t go far) and DAVIDsTEA Mango Fruit Punch (this bag was super old so I wanted to finish it, but I have more recent tea and it’s really delicious with loads of mango flavour).

Congratulations! You made it to the end of my empties. I finished up 21 beauty products and 11 tea and candles this month. Chelle, if you’re reading, there was only one bottle of shampoo. Do you have any favourites in my October 2015 Empties? Let me know!

Year-to-date totals? Beauty: 175 and Tea and Candles: 85. Now let’s hope I haven’t replaced too many of those shopping today…

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