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NYX Girls: Purple Ink

I have a lovely polish, NYX Girls Purple Ink, to share today but first some housekeeping. As you may notice, I’ve decided to start watermarking my photos when I can bother, because although this blog is no kind of big deal, I figure it would be nice for people to find their way back here if for some reason they show up elsewhere. I tried to make them subtle and out of the way of the actual images without being pointless (ie: easily cropped) but if they’re annoying you let me know so I can do something about it.
nyx girls purple ink 1NYX Girls Purple Ink is a very dark purple with a purple shimmer. The colour itself is really dark, especially indoors, which made it quite hard to capture on camera. It’s really almost a black-purple under artificial light, but with some sunshine you see a lot more of the shimmer that’s visible in the bottle.

The NYX Girls Purple Ink polish itself was pretty opaque in two coats, but maybe because of my impatience when nail-painting there was some patchiness that I solved with a third coat to all nails. The end result was nice and even, but probably even darker than it would have been if I’d stopped at two. I definitely have no complaints when it comes to coverage.nyx girls purple ink 3This second photo does the best job capturing some of the shimmer I think, although it’s still not great, at least you can catch flecks of it. NYX Girls is great because the polish is really affordable and when I bought mine I paid maybe $3 a bottle max. They have a lot of different colours, and although Purple Ink probably isn’t one I’d rebuy if you’re looking for an affordable dark purple with some shimmer, I think this would be a perfect purchase. The only reason I wouldn’t rebuy the NYX Girls Purple Ink is because I’m not overly excited by it on my fingers. Purple is one of my very favourite colours, so I wanted the polish to scream purple a little more than it does.  nyx girls purple ink 2Overall, I’d say NYX Girls Purple Ink is a classy and sophisticated purple that really comes to life in the sun, if you’re lucky enough to live where there is any!

Have you ever tried out an NYX Girls polish before? Do you have a favourite purple I must add to my collection? (Believe me, it won’t take much convincing!)

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