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NSPA Mango Rich Body Butter

NSPA Mango Rich Body ButterNSPA is a UK brand that recently launched in Walmart in Canada, that has a large line of bath and skincare products, which they sent me a few goodies from to test out, including the NSPA Mango Rich Body Butter*. I also got three skincare products I am currently trying out and will have reviews for soon, but you can see a sneak peak on them on my Instagram (where I also said: Nothing has ever smelled as good as that body butter… )

NSPA Mango Rich Body Butter 2Scentwise, my Instagram quote is 100% accurate, if you love the scent of mango (and I do) the NSPA Mango Rich Body Butter is a perfect match. It is so juicy and delicious and realistic. There’s actually a warning on the lid “our products are so fruity and juicy you might be tempted to eat them. Well don’t, they are not food”. I wasn’t actually going to reach for a spoon and dive in but honestly I don’t even think real mango smells this much like mango…

NSPA Mango Rich Body Butter 3NSPA Mango Rich Body Butter definitely lives up to its name, as it is quite rich and moisturizing but it still manages to absorb well into the skin. It also behind some of that delicious scent. I highly recommend this formula if you’re looking for something that really hydrates your skin but doesn’t leave it feeling greasy. Umm, isn’t that everyone?

Not a mango lover? Well don’t admit that to me! Just kidding, NSPA also has plenty of other fruity scents like raspberry, peach and passionfruit. I want them all. Bodycare fruit salad please.

Have you seen NSPA products yet? I will definitely be taking a look next time I’m at Walmart!

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