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nspa Honey Shower Gel and Body Butter

NSPA Honey Shower Gel and Body Butter 5A billion blogging years ago (ie: September 2014) I shared a few products from a UK brand with select products available at Walmart Canada. I really loved both the skincare (reviewed here) and body care (reviewed here) but I was especially impressed by how authentic the mango scent was. When I had the chance to pick a couple more products from the range, I went straight for one of my very favourite scents–honey. I’ve been testing out the nspa Honey Shower Gel* and matching Body Butter*.

NSPA Honey Shower Gel and Body Butter NSPA Honey Shower Gel and Body Butter 2The nspa Honey Shower Gel has a thicker, creamy consistency and a sweet honey scent. To me this is more like honey and vanilla because there’s a warmth to the fragrance, but it’s definitely delicious. This shower gel lathers extremely well, doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry, and would also make an excellent bubble bath!

NSPA Honey Body Butter NSPA Honey Body Butter 2I knew that I would love the nspa Honey Body Butter because of how much I loved the Mango option. It has a rich consistency that is highly moisturizing but still manages to absorb into the skin well–I’ve even used it as a hand lotion. The scent is similar to the shower gel and not 100% honey to me, so I prefer the juicy mango, but it’s still delicious.

NSPA Honey Shower Gel and Body Butter 4Overall, the nspa products are just as good as I remember. That said, I think I prefer the fruit scents, which are just so delicious, to honey so I definitely have my eye on the Raspberry products next! I definitely also still recommend their skincare, it was really lovely to use when I tried it.

Have you tried anything from nspa before? Let me know if you have a favourite product, it’s all super affordable!

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