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November Favourites

Been very busy lately but I am still trying to get up posts whenever I can, but sorry if there is a slow down, it probably won’t change until January as I am traveling over the holidays. Originally I planned to schedule lots of posts in advance… not sure that’s going to happen. But what I do have today are my November Favourites. Less of a overload than October (which you can see here) but a few great things I’ve been enjoying.
november favourites 4

First up is the Palladio Herbal Tinted Lip Balm in Brownie, which is really nice and moisturizing while still giving a hint of colour. I ended up buying this after I read it was a near dupe for Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick, and although I can’t tell you if that is true, I do really like it! The name itself is a bit misleading, there’s no obvious flavour or scent, so I don’t know where the “herbal” comes from but thankfully it’s not anything I can notice in the lip balm. I was kinda afraid when I ordered it that it would end up being kinda medicinal, but it’s definitely not. I swatched the lip balm at the bottom of this post.

Earlier this month I did a post featuring The Body Shop scent, Brazil Nut, and couldn’t stop sharing how much I loved it. Well, of course that meant I had to go grab The Body Shop Brazil Nut Eau de Toilette and it smells just as delicious. The scent does a decent job lasting, I should probably reapply partway through the day though but the small container makes it quite portable. I think this is a really warm scent, perfect for winter, and I admit that I’ve been neglecting my other perfumes since I bought it.

november favourites 2

I haven’t had the best skin this month and on my face I’ve been wearing Maybelline Mineral Power Natural Perfecting Foundation. Okay, I’m sorry to feature this because my Googling tells me it is actually discontinued, although the FitMe foundation might be similar. If the fact that it’s discontinued doesn’t make this obvious (sadly I didn’t know until writing up this post) I have had this product awhile. I recently realized there wasn’t a ton left in the bottle so I went on a quest to finish it up, only to realize how much I like it. It leaves a really nice, even finish that makes my skin look great. It is a bit dewy so I definitely add some powder on top.

Back when there was a free shipping promo (twice…) I made an order from MUA, a really affordable UK brand. I never managed to review any of those products (yet, anyway, although I’d need to take photos and given the shape this blush is already in, I’m not sure how nice that would be.) However, I definitely fell in love with their cream blushes, and the one I’m using at the moment is MUA cream blush in Yummy. They are so pigmented and smooth to apply. Didn’t know how much I could love a cream blush, but I really love it! I also have a swatch of this below.

november favourites 3

For probably 3/4 of the month I had one shade on my nails, and that was from the amazing birthday gift I received from Kalyn (you can see the rest of its contents here) and it is the gorgeous Zoya Carter. There’s also a swatch of this in my birthday haul post since I haven’t managed to post about it separately yet. This is a pixie dust polish, so it’s a bit textured, but also so so sparkly and gorgeous. I love the purple, which is brighter than it appears in these photos, and have adored all the pixie dust polishes I’ve tried so far.

Finally, it’s November, and that means that it’s time for Christmas scents. A favourite around here is the BBW Vanilla Bean, so I grabbed a few products in it for my boyfriend, but of course I’ve been “borrowing” this Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Triple Moisture Body Cream. I love this formulation way better than the lotion BBW, and this scent is just delicious. We also have two hand soaps going in it. It smells so good and is super moisturizing without being greasy, I really love the consistency of this cream and although I always wait till there is some kind of sale, I forgot how much I love it until I picked it up again this month. Too bad I own a billion more lotions to use up first!

november favourites 1

Some swatches of my November Favuorites, the lip balm is on the left and the blush is on the right. Both are fantastic!

What have you been using this month? Have you tried any of these products, and what are your favourites?

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