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Nobia X-Cessories Review of Bracelets (Sink Tingle, Amy Rancy, Manistral Glow)

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I started Writing Whimsy to share a mix of things and I really enjoy that variety and am always excited to share new types of products or other posts, so when Nobia X-Cessories contacted me about reviewing (and giving away!) some of their jewellery I checked out their website (here), thought their stuff was great, and said yes.
nobia x-cessories 1
They shipped it out immediately with tracking in a large, well-packaged box. I was immediately impressed and couldn’t wait to open it up. When I did, I found the five items I had selected. Nobia X-Cessories have a lot of cute sparkly things including statement jewellery so I had a hard time deciding, and even re-visiting their site now for this review I find more things that I like and want. To stay up to date on what accessories they are adding to their site as well as get exclusive coupons, you can “like” their Facebook page at

nobia x-cessories 2
But onto what I received. I wanted to review a variety of items but I was most drawn to their bracelet sets, so that was definitely my focus. There are just so many pretty ones. I’ll be sharing the three I received today, and then the necklace and ring (which you can get a sneak peek of in the above photo) in a second post. The giveaway as well as a coupon code you don’t want to miss (Hint: it’s MASSIVE) will be in a third post, just so I don’t have to go too photo-crazy.

nobia x-cessories 3

The first set of bracelets I received is called Sink Tingle, and you can find it on the Nobia X-Cessories website here. The original cost is $19.99, and you get eight different bracelets that can be worn separately or in combination. Some of the thinner bangles I probably wouldn’t wear on their own, but the pearl bracelet or the silver one with white ribbon in it would definitely work solo.

nobia x-cessories 12

I’m excited about the Nobia X-cessories Sink Tingle set because I’m going to be wearing these to a wedding in another two weeks. They are delicate and really pretty and I think they will look great with my mint-coloured dress.

nobia x-cessories 13

The second set of bracelets I chose from Nobia X-cessories are a bit edgier (in my mind anyway) although still quite polished.

nobia x-cessories 4

The set is called Amy Rancy, and can be found here on the Nobia X-cessories website. It retails for $14.99 (full price, but wait for my awesome coupon code!) and contains four different bracelets in a dark gunmetal colour.

nobia x-cessories 11

This set is great, but I especially love the big bracelet with all the huge clear gems, and I can see myself wearing that one on its own quite a bit, even with jeans and a t-shirt. My clothing isn’t always the most exciting so sometimes it’s nice to have a fun, sparkly, piece of jewellery. Nobia X-cessories is great for those kinds of moments!

nobia x-cessories 10

The final bracelet set I got from Nobia X-cessories turned out to not really be a set at all, because all the separate bracelets were head together using basically tiny bracelets. It’s incredibly sparkly and great for fancy occasions.

nobia x-cessories 5

The bracelet is called Manistral Glow, and you can find it here on Nobia X-cessories website, where it costs $14.99 full price. It’s a mix of pink and white pearls along with some other shiny bracelets.

nobia x-cessories 15
The one issue I have with this set, is I don’t really understand why all the bracelets are held together. I even considered cutting them apart. I find having them stuck together makes the bracelet a bit bulkier, and also means I can divide them up to wear separately if I want a few less. For example I think even just the three non-pearl ones would look really pretty together on their own. I haven’t decided if I’m going to take the scissors to it, but either way it’s a gorgeous bracelet(s) and I’m happy to have them.

nobia x-cessories 16

Overall, I was very happy with the quality of Nobia X-cessories. All the pieces felt sturdy and there were no broken elastics or loose glue or anything like that. The prices on their website, are in the approximately $10-$40 range, with most of the bracelets costing only $14.99, so I think the prices are quite reasonable even before the awesome discount code I’m going to share!

You can also find Nobia X-cessories on Twitter and Pinterest. Their Pinterest is quite fun because you can take a virtual tour of the  show room.

Anyway, I can’t wait to share the other pieces as well as what I’ve picked for you to win! Let me know what you think of my awkward first attempt at modeling jewellery and if you would buy or wear any of these pieces.

Disclosure note: I received complimentary products in exchange for my honest opinion and review.

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