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Nobia X-Cessories Review of Hematite Knot Necklace and Quirky Golden Fox Ring

Time for part 2! Part one of my review of Nobia X-cessories was just getting too photo heavy, so I decided to split it up. You can see the bracelets I received if you click here. This second part contains a necklace and ring. Part three is going to be an amazing giveaway valued at $75!
nobia x-cessories 7

Nobia X-cessories has a ton of necklaces but a lot of them are statement pieces and I am just not exciting enough with my clothes to wear them I think, at least at this point, even though they are all really pretty. So the one I picked is a bit more subtle though it can really add impact when worn.

nobia x-cessories 14

Unfortunately, it looks like this Nobia X-cessories Knot Hematite necklace, which retails for only $14.99, is currently out of stock. I will say the necklace I received looks darker than the one on the website, but it’s still really classy and I love it.

My only problem with the necklace is that it is longer than I realized, and because I am so short, I’m not sure it sits in a flattering way on my chest. I also couldn’t get any non-awkward photos of me wearing it, so I decided to call in another model.

nobia x-cessories 18
What can I say, I will always be a Montrealer at heart!

I think the knot aspect of this necklace is really cool, and I can imagine it making a statement without being as bulky or obvious as statement necklaces generally are. I’m going to try this one with  a few more outfits and see how I can make it work, because I do think it’s quite pretty, it just might be better for somebody a bit taller.

nobia x-cessories 6

Quirky Golden Fox, available here on their website (though stock is low!) It retails for $54.99 making it one of the very expensive items on the Nobia X-cessories website – I think there are a few necklaces that are costly as well– but I just though it was so adorable.

nobia x-cessories 8

Even though the price tag is high, this is a sturdy ring. I haven’t had any issues with rhinestones falling out like I sometimes do with cheap jewellery, and as you can sorta tell in the photo, the ring bit itself is made of multiple pieces so that it can stretch out and be the perfect size for your fingers. It fit me very comfortably, and I could wear it with the fox head facing towards me or away and it worked great either way.

nobia x-cessories 9

I received a TON of compliments when wearing this ring and I really think it’s adorable.  My friend actually though it was a Betsey Johnson, as she owns one that is an octopus. Unfortunately fox is the only animal Nobia X-cessories currently carries (or maybe that’s fortunate so I don’t have any other ones to lust over at the moment!)  Surprisingly, this ring is probably the piece I’ll get the most wear out of out of all five I received.

Overall, I was really happy with my experience with Nobia X-cessories and I would definitely consider ordering from them in the future, especially with the awesome promo code I’m going to share very soon!

If you are interested in checking out Nobia X-cessories you can visit their website or their Facebook page Unfortunately they are currently only shipping to Canada but have plans to open to US customers in the near future.

What do you think of this necklace and quirky ring? Would you wear a fox ring? Visit again for an opportunity to win a collection of Nobia X-Cessories jewellery. I have two necklaces and a set of bracelets to giveaway!

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