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NEWS: Canadian Beauty Bloggers Launch!

The past little while I have been busy behind the scenes working on an exciting project, and I am so excited that today I get to actually share it with you guys. I’m a part of a group of seventeen sensational beauty bloggers, and we’re launching Canadian Beauty Bloggers.
canadian beauty bloggers

Canadian Beauty Bloggers is a way for us to pool our resources and skills. We’re a diverse group with difference tastes and talents, and together, we’ve got some awesome things in store. Moving forward you can expect things like guest posts, group giveaways, and more.

I am so so excited about this! You would think it’d be difficult for all 17 of us to work together, but it’s actually been super easy because everyone is so supportive and awesome. We’re only on Day 1, but I’m already thrilled with everything we’ve accomplished.

I highly suggest you check out to check out our members and visit our blogs. I’m sure you’ll end up subscribing to at least a couple new ones! You can also follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.

Finally, we’re planning to create a Canadian Beauty Blogger Blog Directory so if you’re interested in joining that list, you can visit our website to contact us.

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