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List of Natural Teas from David’s Tea (+ An Update!)


Recently, I was incredibly upset to learn that many of my favourite David’s Teas contained artificial flavourings, and most of the ones that didn’t instead contained natural flavourings. Although natural should be good, in the US it is often used to hide things that aren’t really what we think of as natural, but count because they came from a natural source, even if they ended up manipulated in the lab.

I wrote about my discoveries and concerns here on Writing Whimsy. Interestingly, it’s been my most popular post so far on this blog, and even David’s Tea themselves stopped by to comment.

David’s Tea said:

So sorry for any confusion here with our flavoured teas. Just a note to clarify: all of the teas in our collection listed with “natural flavouring” use extracts, oils, or essences. The natural flavours that your research uncovered sound to be “natural identical” flavours. While these can be listed as natural flavouring in the US, we list these and other synthesized flavouring as artificial.

Well I know that I, and many of the other commenters who stopped by again (just saying, if you want to know about these exciting updates, you should ‘like’ my Facebook page! 🙂 ) were SO glad to learn that the natural flavourings really were natural after all.

This information is technically available on the David’s Tea FAQ, but the wording was such that I definitely thought they might be sneaky (ie: saying something comes from a natural source, doesn’t necessarily mean it is natural) and I am really excited that they aren’t. I am so happy they take the use of the word natural seriously, because there are many naturally flavoured teas I am excited to try.

That said, I still contacted David’s Tea for a list of their “unflavoured”/pure teas. They let me know that the actual amount of flavouring in a brewed cup of tea is about 0.001%. But for the teas listed below? The answer is zero!

Not included on the list are some of the teas I have from David’s Tea that list only a flower as their ingredients such as Chrysanthemum, so I’m assuming the list I was sent only includes “blended” teas, and is not exhaustive. As always, make sure to check the label when purchasing.

Many of David’s Teas do contain artificial flavouring, and if you want to stay away from that you’ll have to be careful. That said, while I will certainly be staying away from their artificial teas– sorry Forever Nuts, it’s been great– I’m planning to keep drinking the naturally flavoured ones, as well as any from this list:

Assam Banaspaty
Bai Hao Yin Zhen (Organic)
Chai Guarana
Himalayan Blend
David’s Organic Breakfast
Egyptian Chamomile (organic)
English Breakfast
Gail’s Cold Remedy (organic)
Golden Pu’erh (Organic)
Green Mate (Organic)
Green Rooibos (Organic)
Gyokuro Yamashiro
High Mountain Oolong (Organic)
Japanese Sencha (Organic)
Kenyan Tinderet
Korean Sejak
Lapsang Souchong Star (Organic)
Matcha Matsu
North African Mint (Organic)
Orange Pekoe
Peppermint Amour (Organic)
Pu’erh Ginger (Organic)
Rooibos (Organic)
Secret Weapon
Sencha Ashikubo
Spearmint (Organic)
Sweet Dreams (Organic)
Tie Kwan Yin (Organic)
Wild Black Yunnan
Yun Cui (Organic)
Nepal Black
Grand Cru Matcha (Organic)
Yellow Dragon
Licorice Twist
Turmeric Snap (Organic)
Lemon Myrtle (Organic)
Fired Up Fennel
Gyokuro Black (Organic)
White Peony
New Delhi Delight
Quangzhou Milk Oolong
Genmai Hojicha (organic)
Ginseng Oolong
Second Flush Darjeeling
Tung Ting Vietnam
Guayusa (Organic)
Jolly Jellybean

I didn’t look up every one of these teas, but one thing that stands out is that just because they didn’t add flavouring, doesn’t mean you’re just getting tea leaves. “Jolly Jellybean” for example, which doesn’t seem to be available any longer anyway, actually has candy in it. So I can’t stress enough how important it is to check out the ingredients on a tea-by-tea basis.

What do you think about this new development from David’s Tea? Do you have any naturally flavoured teas, or even better- ones from this list, to recommend?

Thanks to everyone for their feedback and support, and thanks to David’s Tea for clarifying for me!

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