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Nail HQ Growth and Gel Top Coat

Nail HQ Growth and Gel Top CoatIt’s probably pretty obvious from my swatches, but lately, my nails need some love. It’s a combination of field work and lack of caring for them that’s lead them to this state, and although I don’t really mind the nubbins, I would prefer them in better shape at least, which is where the Nail HQ Growth* and Gel Top Coat* treatments come in.

Nail HQ Growth and Gel Top Coat 2I’ve actually been leaving my nails naked a surprising amount lately, which probably explains their wretched state, but from now on if I do I’m going to make sure to apply a layer of Nail HQ Growth anyway. It contains Acqua-Biomin, Calcium, Vitamins A &D. Although it has a slight pink tint in the bottle it is basically clear on the nail so it works as a base or standalone protection. I haven’t noticed a huge difference yet, but at the very least it protects your nails from staining and adds a bit of nourishment so I’m happy to use it in my nail routine.

Nail HQ Growth and Gel Top CoatThe second nail treatment I tried was the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat. I really love that glossy finish that gel polishes get, but I don’t actually want my nail polish to be horrible to remove or last forever, so anything that promises a gel-like finish without those issues has my interest. This top coat contains optical brighteners, and it’s fairly thick and slow-drying when it applies, but it does give a thick glossy look as well. In the above photo I’m wearing it over Maybelline Bleached in Peach and you can see my original post featuring that polish to see it without a top coat. It’s honestly not the top coat I’ll be reaching for the most only because I prefer ones that dry faster, but when I’m not in a rush I do like the glossy end result.

I enjoyed but wasn’t blown away by both the Nail HQ Growth and Gel Top Coat. This brand has quite a few products that help protect your nails and I’ll be interested to see how they work with longer use. What do you use to nourish your nails?

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