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Nail Essentials: Essie Base Coats & Top Coats

Essie 7I recently shared four of my OPI Nail Essentials (you can check out that post here) which inspired me to share nail care products from other brands as well. One of my very favourite polish brands is Essie, and today I have three different base coats and two different top coats from the brand to share with you. The base coats I have are Essie First Base*, Essie Grow Stronger* and Essie Ridge Filling*. I also have a glossy top coat, Essie Good to Go*, and a matte one, Essie Matte About You*.

Essie8When you polish your nails as frequently as I do (sometimes ten times in a day if I’m swatching) having a good base and top coat are key to avoiding staining, maintaining nail health, and keeping your manicure looking flawless. Here’s how these five Essie products help do that!

Essie 2The first product is Essie First Base, a base coat with rubber adhesives that bond polish to them. Although it looks green, it dries clear and extremely quickly. Although it isn’t a ridge-filling base, it does give a fairly even layer for the polish to adhere to.

Essie 5If you’re looking for something a bit more protective for your nails, there’s Essie Grow Stronger, which is a bit thicker but still dries to a nice glossy finish which is also slightly creamy, helping to make my nails look a little healthier. I haven’t been using it long enough to tell if it makes a big impact over time, but I have noticed that my nails feel sturdier when I use it and, after some moving-related causalities, I’m hoping this helps them recover soon!

Essie 4I know this post features three different base coats, but if I’m honest my personal favourite is the Essie Ridge Filling Base Coat. It dries clear and gives such an even finish perfect for slightly damaged (or ridged) nails. My nails are quite ridged, and using this base coat the colour polish goes on so much more smoothly and looks more even. It also still dries quickly despite being thicker (for obvious reasons) than a usual base coat.

Essie 3In terms of top coats, I have two options to share from Essie, and the first is the Essie Good to Go Top Coat. This is a very nice, quick-drying option that gives a great glossy finish. I don’t find it does an amazing job extending the wear of my polish, but the end result is really nice shine-wise. I also like not having to wait too long for my nails to dry!

EssieFinally, I have the Essie Matte About You Top Coat, which I actually have previously owned and have about a third of a bottle left although it’s getting very old. I purchased it after doing a lot of matte top coat research and Essie came out on top. In the years since, there have been many more matte top coats added to the market, but I still think this is a fantastic one that gives a truly matte finish to any polish. I don’t wear matte polish often so I definitely prefer a top coat to naturally matte polishes (and even with those, using a matte top coat helps extend the wear).

1-IMG_7881In the above photo the ring nail is obviously using Matte About You, while the other nails are Good To Go. The base colour is The Body Shop Green.

Essie 6 Colorful polishes are definitely more glamorous, but base and top coats are definite necessities and when it comes to these Nail Essentials there are lots of great offerings from Essie.

What’s your favourite base and top coat?

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