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My Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection

My Makeup Geek Collection 4Makeup Geek was the brand of the month for the Canadian Beauty Blogger Network, and although I generally fail at participating in these themes, I’ve managed to sneak this blog post in just under the line in order to share my Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection. I placed my first Makeup Geek order about 3 months ago, but after falling in love with all 6 shades, I know it will not be my last.

My Makeup Geek Collection 2Makeup Geek Eyeshadows (with the exception of one palette) are sold in ‘pan’ form. This saves on the cost, and means you can put your own palettes together using z-palettes, which are way less bulky than traditional packaging. Mine are sorta scattered around at the moment, three are in a Mac quad, two are in a Mary Kay compact, and one is just kinda homeless, but I plan to pick up a z-palette soon. I just spent all my money on eyeshadows instead last time.

My Makeup Geek CollectionI was most excited by the ‘foiled’ formula from Makeup Geek, which is an intense, metallic finish, so my Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection includes 4 foiled shades as well as two regular eyeshadows. While traditional shadows are $6 (US) each, the foiled shades are $9.99. You can get a discount my ordering a set of them, but I just went with the ones I’d been lusting over the longest.

A large part of my obsession with Makeup Geek shadow is thanks to Chelle, who does gorgeous makeup looks using many of the shadows. I’m more of a neutral lover than she is, so I picked out the shades Cosmopolitan, Flamethrower (Foiled), Grandstand (Foiled), Jester (Foiled), Masquerade (Foiled) and Pixie Dust. I have swatches and makeup looks for all of them in this very lengthy post!

Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan SwatchesMakeup Geek Cosmopolitan is smooth, shimmery rose gold shade that leans a bit peachy and has the most gorgeous, silky texture. This is pretty much a perfect eyeshadow and I could wear it every day.

Makeup Geek Flamethrower SwatchesMakeup Geek Flamethrower is a bright, orange-brown copper with a foiled metallic finish and subtle gold sparkle. I actually expected this shade to be more shocking, but the brown undertones of the shade make it surprisingly wearable and it is intensely pigmented.

Makeup Geek Grandstand SwatchesMakeup Geek Grandstand is a copper brown with a foiled finish an incredibly creamy formula. This is one of the most neutral foiled shadows, but the finish gives it something extra special.

Makeup Geek Flamethrower Swatches 3 Makeup Geek Grandstand Swatches 2I wore Cosmopolitan, Flamethrower and Grandstand in the above makeup look. I applied Cosmopolitan in the third corner of the eye, Grandstand for the middle of the lid , and blended Flamethrower into the crease. Obviously Flamethrower is quite subtle in this look, so I definitely need to play with it more, but I absolutely love using these three shadows together as I think they are very flattering on hazel eyes. Makeup Geek Cosmopolitan Swatches 2I’m not wearing primer in the above look, but I do think the shadows benefit, especially because the Makeup Geek Foiled Eyeshadows are very creamy and more likely to crease even if the colour lasts all day. You definitely don’t need a base to get the shades to pop as the colours are all very vibrant on their own!

Makeup Geek Masquerade SwatchesMakeup Geek Masquerade is a bright purple with a pink sheen and a foiled finish. This shade isn’t as intense and metallic as the other foiled eyeshadows I have, but it still has a lovely creamy consistency to it.

Makeup Geek Masquerade Swatches 2 Makeup Geek Masquerade Swatches 3Makeup Geek Masquerade is the shade I was most unsure about because the reviews are less overwhelming positive than the other shadows, and it is definitely less intense and rich than the rest of the shades in my Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection. However, it is buildable and can definitely still be used to create some gorgeous looks.

Makeup Geek Masquerade Swatches 4In the above photos I’m just wearing Makeup Geek Masquerade with a black shadow in the crease to give it some more depth. Purples are always great on brown and hazel eyes, and when I shared this look in a previous review, it really stole the show.

Makeup Geek Jester SwatchesMakeup Geek Jester is a warm yellow leaning olive green with a foiled, metallic finish. This has an incredibly creamy consistency, it almost doesn’t feel like a powder, and it’s also very pigmented. It was probably the shade I was most excited about when I ordered, and it did not disappoint!

Makeup Geek Pixie Dust SwatchesMakeup Geek Pixie Dust is a chartreuse green with a shimmery, metallic finish. This is a bit of a strange shade I honestly couldn’t convince myself I would wear a ton, but I just loved it so much, and since it was a traditional shadow, for only $6 US I just included it in my order. The shade did not disappoint as it’s just as strange and gorgeous in person, pigmented with a wonderful, creamy consistency.

Makeup Geek Jester Swatches 2 Makeup Geek Pixie Dust Swatches 2I absolutely adore both Jester and Pixie Dust but this look might have been pushing it–I definitely need some experience blending colours! I used Pixie Dust on the inner corner and Jester over the rest of the lid. I don’t often wear green shadows, but I adore how they look, and Jester especially is a really wearable, flattering shade with a lot of depth.

My Makeup Geek Collection 3Are you sick of the words ‘creamy’ and ‘pigmented’? I am kinda bored of writing them, but I am absolutely not bored of my Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection–and those are the two words that describe these shadows best. I am so in love with these shades and I just need to get them into a more accessible palette so I can reach for them more frequently, because every time I do I am in awe of how easily they apply, and how stunning they look when I’m done.

My Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Collection is 6 shades so far, but that will not be the end of it. Do you own any Makeup Geek Eyeshadows? If you do, what’s your favourite? If you don’t, has this post convinced you to put in an order?

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