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MUA Haul

I’ve been lusting over MUA cosmetics for awhile but they come all the way from the UK, so it wasn’t until they had their promotion for free international shipping (if you spent 20 pounds) that I finally took the spurge. At first I was resisting and saying I was on a no-buy, but the opportunity was just too tempting. In the end, I’m so glad I did. I spent exactly 20 pounds, and here are the goodies I got!
mua haul 1

It actually worked out to my benefit that I waited so long to make my MUA haul because one of the palettes I really wanted to try, their Undressed Me Too Eye Palette (A Naked2 dupe!) went back in stock. I got some recommendations from a girl in a polish group (Thanks Samantha!) on other products, as well as ones I already knew about from seeing blogs and videos in the past. I think I showed really good restraint, although now I’m so in love with everything I kinda wish I hadn’t!

mua haul 4

For the eyes, I picked up MUA Undressed Me Too Eye Palette along with one of their single eye shadows in shade 17, which is neutral and matte and I thought would be really useful. I’ve also heard the single eyeshadow quality is much better than the palette, so I was a bit interested in that (I have heard the same thing about ELF actually). I haven’t tried out the palette yet but I will say this eyeshadow is BUTTERY. So impressed.

mua haul 3

For the face I bought the Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter (which just looked so pretty and is supposed to be a dupe of some Mac highlighter I believe), along with the Cupcake blush and the cream blushes in Blossom and Dolly. I had heard great things about these blushes and they were all right, can’t wait to start using them and I think I definitely picked the right colours. They also aren’t an incredibly large size, which is nice as I could reasonably (someday) finish one!

mua haul 2

My favourite products are lip ones but I showed pretty good restraint and only got 3… okay, that’s a lie, I actually got 4 but the second lipstick was cancelled from my order as it must have been out of stock. I’m sad, but I’ll re-order next time MUA has free international shipping. Cause yeah, I’m definitely ordering again. The lip products I did get were the MUA Power Pout in Justify and Rendezvous as well as the MUA Lipstick in shade 11. All of which I love–reviews coming soon!

Overall, I absolutely adored this MUA haul and I cannot wait to order from them again. It’s probably a good thing the free international shipping was a special promotion! If you’re interested in ordering from them anyway, or just want to check MUA out, here’s their website.

Have you tried MUA makeup before? Which of these products would you like to see reviewed first?

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