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MoYou Premium Set

Nail stamping is one of those things I have really wanted to try, but haven’t really gotten a chance to experiment with yet. I actually bought plates for nail stamping online a couple years ago and it turns out that they were engraved badly and couldn’t give me a transfer image to stamp. I knew that wouldn’t be the case with the MoYou Premium Set*, so I was really excited to test it out.

MoYou Premium Set 4 MoYou Premium Set 3MoYou Premium Set is called premium for a reason, this set includes anything you could possibly need for nail stamping and art. There are 5 polishes for stamping– all of them work well, although the creme shades do a flawless job while the gold is just okay. There’s also a top coat, 6 image plates for stamping, 1 stamp, a scraper, a pack of rhinestones, and a corrector pen for cleaning up your cuticles.

MoYou Premium Set 2 MoYou Premium SetMoYou Premium Set includes 6 different image plates which are a great start for an introduction to nail stamping. There is a mix of designs, with 2 full nail stamps, 2 tips, and 2 individual image plates. I tried out a lot of the images and I had clean transfers with all of them. I actually instagrammed (here) my first time using the set because I was so impressed with it! I have used the MoYou Premium Set a few times and I have two different nail art looks to share from it.

MoYou Premium Set 6 MoYou Premium Set 5In terms of the other items in the MoYou Premium Set, the top coat was good but I do prefer something that dries a bit quicker. However, as long as I made sure the polish underneath was dry first I didn’t have any bleeding from the polish. The rhinestones are really cute although pretty easy to find elsewhere, and it was my first time using a corrector pen and I was surprised by how handy it was. Overall, I had a lot of success with the polishes, stamp and scrapper, as well as the image plates, and that’s really what this set is about!

MoYou Premium Set 8 MoYou Premium Set 7The MoYou Premium Set is a bit pricey but it really includes everything you need for learning to nail stamp in one place, and would make an amazing gift for somebody interested in nail art. You could probably source individual pieces cheaper separately, but last time I did that I did end up with plates that didn’t work, so I am very happy to have these and I will definitely be continuing to use the MoYou polishes as I continue on with stamping. Now that I’ve tried it out and realized how easy it can be, there will definitely be more nail stamping in the future on Writing Whimsy!

Have you tried out nail stamping before? What do you think of this set?

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