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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

This week has been pretty crazy since I sorta moved but didn’t move any of my belongings, and with a new job I haven’t been great at blogging. Maybe you’re like me and you’ve been swamped this week, but this weekend is Mother’s Day, so I wanted to provide a last-minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide with a few suggestions I have for gift ideas! A few of these have been sent to me for review but I haven’t received them yet, so I’ll be using stock photos–sorry!

1. Demeter Fragrance Mother’s Day Bouquet* (review coming)

Loblaws MD Bouquet Set Image 514(1)A collection of floral fragrances from Demeter Fragrance, available just for this spring from Loblaws and perfect for Mother’s Day. I haven’t reviewed these scents yet, but I have featured plenty from Demeter in the past and I really love how realistic their scents are.

2. L’Occitane Fragrance Beautifying Cream* (review)

L'Occitane Fragrance Beautifying Cream 2This cream is so luxurious, both in packaging and consistency! If your mother is sensitive to scents I recommend one of their less floral hand creams, which are also amazing.

3. FUSE Gelnamel by SensatioNail* (review coming)

13857440864_9f6d7a225e_bMy mom’s nail polish is always chipping, so I know some gel polish would be perfect for her. Even better, this comes with an adorable one-finger starter lamp so you don’t have to worry about application (and it’s also super travel-friendly).

4.  Lush Mother’s Day Collection* (reviews coming)

05062Lush always does incredible holiday collections and Mother’s Day is no exception, there’s a whole bunch of floral, spring-appropriate products with delicious scents. Of course, I love everything rose. I think bath goodies are a great way to convince your mom to relax!

5.  Mary Kay Satin Hands Pampering Set* (review coming)

mary-kay-peach-satin-hands-pampering-set-z1I have this delicious-smelling set in honeydew melon, but there are a few options. It comes with a scrub, hand softener, and hand cream. I know my mom is always working hard with her hands and could use a bit of pampering, so this adorable set from Mary Kay is a great idea. It even comes with a bag, which is basically free gift wrap. A Mary Kay order would arrive a bit late, but there’s no reason you can’t continue to celebrate afterwards!

SO there are five suggestions for my Mother’s Day Gift Guide! Of course the perfect gift varies by mom… I’d tell you what mine’s getting, but she might read the blog.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms out there!

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