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Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa & Super Fruit Mud Masks

Montagne Jeunesse Super Fruit Mud MaskI’ve reviewed SEVEN different Montagne Jeunesse masks in the past, and they are really fantastic, affordable options with one for basically any purpose you can think of. Today I’m back with the new Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa Mask* as well as revisiting the Montagne Jeunesse Super Fruit Mud Masks*. These are single-use masks with two very different sets of ingredients and promises.

1-Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa MaskThe Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa Mask is a fabric mask with an aloe print design on it, which is pretty funny. It has a soothing aloe scent, which is noticeable but not overly intense, and is incredibly cooling and relaxing on my face–just make sure to avoid any open cuts. The ingredient list includes aloe vera, cucumber, algae and green tea.

I left the Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa Mask on for 10 minutes, although you can use it for as short as 5. I did find the instructions a bit strange because they tell you to massage in the serum, then  rinse it off afterwards. I wrote in my notes that the mask left my skin feeling soothed and cleansed, and it turns out that’s exactly what it promises on the packaging, so although it’s not moisturizing I would say it does a pretty great job living up to its claims!

1-Montagne Jeunesse Super Fruit Mud MaskThe second mask I tried was a turn to the Montagne Jeunesse Super Fruit Mud Mask, which I first reviewed here, last July. It has a light fruity scent, and application is quite easy with loads of product if you wanted to do both yourself and a friend. However, the mask itself is very strong, and just as I found last time, it caused a lot of stinging for me starting as soon as I applied it. I’m actually not sure if my skin is even more sensitive now, but I found it more painful than I remembered, with the worst areas being around my eyes, mouth, and under my nose.

The Montagne Jeunesse Super Fruit Mud Mask is meant to be left on for 15-20 minutes, and it is a clay mask so it does dries during that period, tightening the skin and pores. I was honestly quite tempted to remove it before time was up because of how it felt, but as it dried I actually found it got less painful–which is the opposite of how I usually feel with clay masks. Afterwards my skin looked fantastic, the mask does a great job cleansing, it’s just too powerful for me, but somebody with less sensitive skin or who enjoys that intense purifying feeling might like it more!

Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa MaskI’m always happy to try out a new Montagne Jeunesse mask, and I love the massive selection which you can find at most drugstores like Lawtons and Jean Coutu as well as online at

Unfortunately, if you try out 8 different face masks, odds are there’s going to be one that’s not a perfect fit for your skintype, so I’ll be passing on the Montagne Jeunesse Super Fruit Mud Mask in the future as I doubt third time will be a charm! However, I loved the Montagne Jeunesse Aloe Vera Face Spa Mask and I can only imagine how nice it would be a hot summer day–you could even store in the fridge!

Have you tried Montagne Jeunesse before? Let me know your favourite face mask if you have!

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