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Misslyn Holiday Pantones Nail Polish Swatches

Misslyn Holiday Pantones Nail Polish Swatches

Misslyn is a new-to-me brand so I thought before sharing my review and swatches of these gorgeous holiday polishes, I’d do a little research. Misslyn was first launched in Italy over 30 years ago, and then expanded into France and Germany. The brand did especially well in Germany, where it specialized in lashes and nails.

In 2010, Misslyn was acquired by the ArtDeco Cosmetic Group and completely relaunched, expanded worldwide. Misslyn Canada officially launched in 2014 at Shopper’s Drug Mart. The brand has 48 permanent shades, and I received Misslyn Holiday Pantones Nail Polish in 12 Universe*, 48 Heart-Stopping*, 180 Red Carpet* and 756 Mirror Ball* to swatch and share with you.

Misslyn in 12 Universe SwatchMisslyn in 12 Universe is a Velvet Diamond textured nail polish from the brand. This black with silver sparkles reminds me a lot of the night sky, and has a gorgeous opaque but lightly textured matte finish with 2 coats. You could also apply a top coat layer (or two) if you want to make it smooth and glossy. This shade is a dupe of two others in my collection, Zoya Dahlia and Julep Sadie, but it’s a cheaper, more easily available option in Canada.

Misslyn in 48 Heart-Stopping Swatch

Misslyn in 48 Heart-Stopping is another Velvet Diamond nail polish from the brand. This shade is red filled with shimmer as well as larger gold glitter and dries to a textured, matte finish with some sparkle from the glitter. It takes 2 coat for an opaque finish, and this is definitely my favourite of the 4 shades I tried because of how unique and gorgeous it is. The formula is great too.

Misslyn in 180 Red Carpet Swatch

Misslyn in 180 Red Carpet is a glossy red that’s a perfect classic shade for the holidays. It has a ‘crelly’ (creme/jelly) finish which means there’s still a hint of visible nail line with 2 coats, but it’s easy to apply and super shiny.

Misslyn in 756 Mirror Ball SwatchMisslyn in 756 Mirror Ball is an Effect Top Coat I applied on top of Red Carpet, for a festive holiday look. This glitter has both fine particles and larger hexes, and although it’s definitely a top coat there’s plenty of sparkle with one coat. The holographic glitter looks really gorgeous in the light and is a perfect way to add something extra special to any holiday manicure.

Overall, my first experience with the Misslyn Holiday Pantones Nail Polish was great. The formula on all four shades was excellent, but if you only pick up one I definitely recommend Misslyn Heart-Stopping! I am really interested in trying more shades from Misslyn, especially in the Velvet Diamond lineup. Have you tried Misslyn before? What shade is your favourite?

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