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(Mini) Makeup Haul

Makeup Haul 3I’ve been trying to be better with my makeup purchasing after my last few hauls, and I have been pretty good, but there were just a few items I couldn’t resist, so here’s another (MINI) Makeup Haul!

Makeup Haul 2Two products in this Makeup Haul were purchased by Julie at Swatch and Review on my behalf and then mailed to me (along with those bonus Clinique goodies and a perfume I am very excited about). The first was the Kat Von D Shade Shifter eyeshadow in Stockholm, to add to my collection (check out the other two shades I purchased here), when it was on sale for $7. I kinda/definitely need the final shade to complete my collection now.

Julie also picked up the Too Faced La Creme Lipstick in Cinnamon Kiss for me when she made a Haute Look order. I really wanted this lipstick but the shipping was ridiculous so she was kind enough to include it with her order. I haven’t tried it yet but I already love the scent and the shade looks super wearable, and I’ve only heard good things about this formula, so basically very excited to try it out!

Makeup HaulThe final item in my Makeup Haul wasn’t a fantastic bargain like the other two products, it was just insanely pretty. I decided to be good and just pick up one polish in the latest Enchanted Polish restock on Nail Polish Canada, and I went with this dark holographic blue. Enchanted Polish Presto Magic is so pretty and very different from the Enchanted Polishes I own so far, but they are by far my most expensive polishes so definitely a spurge item!

That’s it for this (mini) Makeup Haul! I am pretty sure all three of these items are difficult for you to purchase because they are discontinued or very difficult to find, but I was so excited about them I decided to share anyway. Plus blogging about it helps me keep track of what I buy… which should be doing for the next while!

What have you purchased lately?

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