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Midnight Gradient with Sarah

Well, I’m off in Arizona hopefully enjoying plenty of sunshine and daylight, but Sarah was kind enough to stop by and help me keep Writing Whimsy busy with some gorgeous nail art that just reminded me of when the sky goes from blue to black at night. Keep reading to find out how she accomplished this look!

Hello, from Workaday Beauty here. While Zoe is off galavanting around and not on the blog, I thought I’d share some simple nail art for her.

CC and RH gradient 2

Zoe and I both have a love for purple, and today I have a simple purple to black gradient look.

Color Club in Nail Robi and Rainbow Honey in Black

I started with 2 coats of Color Club in Nail Robi. At least, I think it’s Nail Robi. My bottle is missing the label, but I’m pretty confident this is the right one as there aren’t too many dark purples by this brand.

I then used a makeup sponge to add a gradient using Rainbow Honey in Black. I used a coat of glossy top coat to help even everything out and to add shine.

CC and RH gradient 1

The overall look is much darker than I expected, but it has a kind of mysterious air that I love. It’s a great alternative to wearing plain black nails.

CC and RH gradient 3

Gradients are a relatively easy nail art technique to learn as they don’t have to be precise. Using dark shades makes it even easier since the blend is less visible. Any bets on whether it’s possible to get Zoe to try it when she gets back from her trip?

Thanks so much to Sarah for stopping by! I really should try a gradient someday, this one is so pretty! Make sure to visit Workaday Beauty for more great nail art and colourful makeup looks. You can also check out this vampy FOTD Sarah did last year when I was travelinga bright lipstick review, and of course, some more gorgeous fall-inspired nail art. I swear, sometimes I post on my own blog too and don’t just make Sarah do it for me…

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