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Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup MakeupMy first all-makeup box from the brand, the Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup* includes everything you need for a quick, bright-eyed look that’s easy in the morning.

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 2Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup contains six makeup products along with a bonus skincare item, which was included as a free gift. I’ve tested them all out and today I’ll be sharing my first impressions of the products!

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 3To get started, here’s the description of the Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup box:

Flawless skin, brighter eyes, plus 10 more minutes of sleep? No, you’re not dreaming. It’s just your morning beauty routine, updated.

If mornings are not your best friends, and spending hours in front of the mirror is not an option, we’ve got ways to streamline your morning beauty routine so that you can look good, and feel good, every morning. Here, a simple makeup box with a selection of all products that will put yourself together in a flash, at home, or on the go.

Because no matter how you feel, Meme-fans always get up, make up, show up, and never give up!

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 6Bbia Downy Cheek ($12, Full Size): Anyone who has been on Writing Whimsy for more than three minutes know what a huge fan of cream blushes I am, so I was pretty happy to see one in this box. It came in both pink and peach variations, and I got the Downy Pink, which wouldn’t have been my first choice, but that also means it’s a lot more unique in my collection than yet another peach blush would be. This is a very slippery cream that is light but buildable.

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 7It’s Skin Babyface Young Girl Gel Eye Liner ($13, Full Size): I think this is really cute packaging and love that it comes with a liner to apply it. I think the idea of two shades, a larger black and a smaller colourful one, is great. The black shade was perfect, creamy and opaque, but the glittery purple was incredibly hard, dry, and very difficult to even swatch, I’m not sure I could apply it to my face.

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 10Royal Nature The Original Soothing Blemish Balm SPF30 PA++ ($43, Full Size): I’ve actually never tried a Korean BB Cream before so I was thrilled to find one in the Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup box. When you read this post I will be in Peru, and I’m taking this product with me because of the light coverage and SPF it contains. I am confused cause the name says SPF 30 but the package says 20, but I like the product itself, even if I’m not quite sure what angel’s tears are…

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 8Cheek Room Two Color Lip Gloss ($12, Full Size): I’m probably never going to be excited about a lip gloss, but this one is decent with some cool packaging. The colours do get swirled up as you use it, you can already start to tell in my final photo in this post, but it gives a light shimmery look. It has a sweet scent and a creamy, non-stick formula. This came in a few colour options, mine is the lavender & pink beige shade.

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 11Shara Shara Creamy Dual Auto Eye Stick ($9, Full Size): Along with cream blushes, I love my cream shadows, and a dual-ended pencil format is super convenient. There were also multiple colour options of this product, and I got No. 2 which has a pale shimmery pink and a matte chocolate brown. When I use the shimmery pink on my eye it is quite sheer, and provides a nice base to other products. They are very creamy and glide on nicely. I applied the next product on top!

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 9Shara Shara Glitter Pearl Powder ($7, Full Size): I was very skeptical of anything described as a glitter powder, but this was actually one of my favourite items in the Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup box. The shade (Bronze Gold) is really pretty, and it actually applies with surprisingly little fall out using the sponge applicator. I layered it on top of the cream shadow and it lasted most of the day. You can also build up the level of sparkle.

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 5Cellbydate The Real Galacto Zero Essence ($9 Full Size): This was a bonus free gift included with all the Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup boxes, and it has great reviews from people who have tested it out longer than I have. The packaging is a frosted, heavy glass, and my initial impressions are positive, it cleans and purifies without drying out my skin and although I am new the the “essence” step I will be testing this out more in the new year.

Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup 4Overall, I’m thrilled with the Memebox Special #37 Wakeup Makeup and would be very happy if I had purchased the box instead. I won’t get much use out of the gel liner or lip gloss, but there are quite a few hits in the box, such as the BB Cream and glitter shadow. The box originally sold for $23.99 plus shipping, so it has a great value and although it is currently sold out, make sure to check out the links and promo codes below if you are interested in testing out a Memebox for yourself!

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