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Memebox Special #18 Smile Care

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 10I’ve been watching Memebox, a non-subscription Korean Beauty Box service, unboxings very carefully for a couple months now, and I even ordered my own (although it’s not here yet). They seem to have great value and be well-curated, and given that October is Dental Hygiene Month it seemed like an especially good time to receive the Memebox Special #18 Smile Care*.

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 9There are different types of Memeboxes, including a “Global Box” which includes a mix of deluxe samples and/or full-sized products, a “Special Box” curated around a specific theme–like this one–and a “Superbox” which is all full-sized items. There are also Lucky Boxes that include products from past Memeboxes. The Memebox Special #18 Smile Care is currently sold out, but it retailed for $19 plus shipping, which is $6.99 for standard although you can save on it by buying multiple boxes.

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 8Because Memebox Special #18 Smile Care was released awhile ago I cheated and Googled to see what was inside, but usually when you order it is a near-total mystery (there might be a spoiler available). That’s why I wanted to make sure I had checked out a few boxes before I ordered, and I honestly think they are a fantastic value and have really cool things inside. This specific box isn’t as adorable as some of the others, but I will get use out of all the products in it and the value definitely exceeds the cost. All the products I got are actually full size!

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 6Perioe 46cm Spray (full size: $4): This is a very strong travel breath spray that gives you fresh breath without chewing gum or brushing your teeth. I’m not really a big fan of the super strong mint, but this does work, so I think I might leave it in my car or purse for those desperate moments.

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 5 Memebox Special #18 Smile Care includes a Lip Care Set from Aida Cosmetic with two different products in it, each of which is full size. The packaging is really cute! I think this would make a great gift or stocking stuffer although I am keeping it for myself… I mean, I did have to test it…

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 2MDaida Butter Cream Lip Mask (full size: $15): This lip mask smells like frosting. SO GOOD. I have been wanting to try the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask for awhile, so I was very interested in this, which you apply to your lips for about 3 minutes before removing with a tissue. I definitely felt like my lips were softer after, but I’m kinda wondering how far I can take it and want to leave it on overnight…my lips are in rough shape at the moment.

Memebox Special #18 Smile CareMDaida Vita Sugar Lip Scrub (full size: $15): I had never heard of this brand before the Memebox Special #18 Smile Care, but the two products from them were definitely the highlight of the box. This scrub is a lot gentler than I’m used too (I usually use the Lush Santa Lip Scrub) and has a light grapefruit scent to it. There is oil in it so I don’t feel like it leaves my lips raw. I prefer a more intensive scrub honestly but if I managed to use a lip scrub daily, this would be a good choice.

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 4Yufit Luminee-S 7 Days Teeth Whitening Program (full size: $24): These are basically like Crest White Stripes, that you apply around your teeth and leave on for an hour. It’s too soon to tell how effective they are but I think my teeth did look slightly whiter. I’m willing to use them up and give it a try! They have a minty flavour and I found they didn’t make my teeth hurt like the Crest ones did, so they might be a good option for those with more sensitive teeth.

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 3L’OCEAN Shea Butter Lip Balm (full size: $9): This product honestly looks a lot like an eyeshadow, but it’s a lip balm. It smells like grape and despite the bright colour is completely sheer. It’s very shiny on the lips so it would be nice to apply on top of a more drying product, but it’s not heavy on the moisturizing either. I don’t like pot format lip balms, so while I will use this at home, I don’t think it’s that remarkable.

Memebox Special #18 Smile Care 7It was so much fun getting my first Memebox! The standout for me in the Memebox Special #18 Smile Care box was definitely cake-frosting-smelling lip mask. It was fun to get some many products curated around a theme, and considering the box I ordered has “cute” as a theme, I can’t wait to share that one with you as well. Memebox has lots of great promo codes going on, so I’ve included some below incase you’re interested in ordering as well!

Have you heard of Memebox before? What do you think of it?

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