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Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte

Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte* is a classic quad with four eyeshadows that are easy to use to give a great neutral eye. In other words, this is a perfect quad for me! This is set of colours has been around for awhile, but the eyeshadows were reformulated, so the quad available in the drugstore now may actually be different then the one you have at home.

Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte 2Unsurprisingly, given that it’s a quad, Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte contains 4 shadows, labelled by the part of your eye you are supposed to use that colour on (of course you don’t have to follow the instructions!). Base is the largest shadow, and it’s a subtle champagne colour that’s kinda sheer and has some shimmer in it. In addition to be using as a base it can easily to be used to highlight your brow bone. It doesn’t apply the best, but works well in the inner corner of your eyes as well.

Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte 3

The second shade in the Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte is Lid, and that’s definitely my favourite. It’s a bronzy dark shimmery gold that is absolutely stunning. I definitely wish it was bigger! It’s quite pigmented and really pretty.

Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte 4

Crease is a light taupe brown with a satin finish that’s great for blending or transitions and helps makes this quad super travel friendly, as from just these three shades I think you have everything you need to do a really nice eye look. However there is still one shadow remaining, Lid, which is my least favourite in the Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte. It looks like it should be a really dark brown shadow, but it’s not as pigmented as it is appears. It was the most difficult to apply for me and is filled with gold glitter.

Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte 5I have used the Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte quite a few times already to do my eyeshadow and it’s easy to do a day time look, or add a little more of the darker Liner shade in the crease inside and get something more nighttime appropriate. Unfortunately you I do build up the shadows a bit to get the level of pigmentation, but they are buildable and the end result is really pretty! I will definitely be using my Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded underneath these shadows as a primer, for better pigmentation as well as to make them last longer. Combining a neutral Color Tattoo with this quad would give you a gorgeous look, but it is definitely useable on its own.

Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai LatteOverall, I think Maybelline ExpertWear Quad Chai Latte is a success, although I recommend using a primer beneath them for the best results. I think it has some really pretty shades in it, and is the kind of quad I will get a lot of use out of because I love my neutrals! There are definitely a few other quads in the Expertwear line I am interesting in checking out, such as Emerald Smokes and Designer Chocolates.

What does your ideal travel quad look like? What do you think of this one?

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