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Maybelline Elixir Glistening Amber

A few months ago Maybelline released a new lip formula, and although it caught my interest (like every lip product ever…) I didn’t get a chance to test it out until Maybelline Elixir Glistening Amber*.

Maybelline Elixir Glistening AmberThe Maybelline Elixir Glistening Amber formula is moisturizing, fairly sheer (although this varies among shades), non-sticky, and creamy. The applicator is a pointed, arrow-like, doe-foot, and the packaging is really cute, small and almost like a lipstick bullet encased in plastic. The only complaint I have about the product at all is the scent, it’s smells a bit like melting plastic to me although I don’t notice it on the lips, only when I’m applying. I also got a few more people to smell it and they didn’t notice at all, so it is likely personal preference but I do recommend giving it a sniff before you buy if you are sensitive to scent.

Maybelline Elixir Glistening Amber 2 CollageThe shade I have, Maybelline Elixir Glistening Amber, has a peachy tint to it and lots of gold shimmer. Although it swatches quite orange, on the lips it really only provides a slight wash of colour along with the shimmer. There is no grainy feel to it and it is incredibly comfortable to wear. I find it quite moisturizing and it lasts a few hours on the lips. I do think it is a flattering, easy-to-wear shade that you don’t need a mirror to apply, so it is one I have been reaching for quite a bit even if the initial scent isn’t my favourite.

Maybelline Elixir Glistening Amber CollageOverall, I am pretty happy with Maybelline Elixir Glistening Amber and I am definitely glad I tested out the formula. However, I do wish the scent was different, but I don’t think that will stop me from trying out other shades in the future because of how comfortable it is to wear. Maybelline Elixir Glistening Amber is a great shade for a more subtle summery lip or paired with an intense eye look.

Have you tried the Maybelline Elixirs yet? What do you think?

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