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Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation 3It’s been awhile since I was genuinely excited to try a foundation product, but after hearing such great things about the latest release from Maybelline, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. I loved the feel of it in store, and after swatching I went with Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation in Ivory*, which was definitely the correct shade match.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation 2Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation has a thin consistency but is quite pigmented and gives about medium coverage, without feeling heavy on the skin. It is one of those really cool products that goes from liquid to powder, so while the finished look isn’t glowy, it’s not matte either. The applicator is also quite unusual, it’s got a bulb on the end, but because the consistency is so thin I wish there had been a pump instead.

1-Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation CollageI really like the way that Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation applies! Like I said, Ivory is definitely the correct shade for me, which is refreshing cause I often pick out wrong shade foundations… It helps minimize redness (check out the area around my nose). The only issue is dry or flaky skin. I had a cold recently and my nose itself is still quite dry as a result, as are any healing blemishes, and I find that the foundation clings to those areas in an unflattering way. However, in general it would work great on my skin and I’d use a higher coverage concealer to cover up any blemishes anyway.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation 2 CollageWear time on the Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation was also quite nice! I have combination skin and it lasted all day for me without powder, although by the end of the day it was wearing away on the bridge of my nose. I also really like the satin finish it gives my skin. Overall, Maybelline Dream Wonder Foundation was a huge success for me and it’s definitely a product I recommend checking out at the drugstore!

Have you tried any Maybelline foundations before?

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