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Maybelline Color Tattoo Icy Mint Review and Swatches

As I mentioned in my Shoppers Drug Mart Haul, when I went searching for the new Maybelline Color Tattoo Limited Edition colours, I was really searching for one in particular, Seashore Frost. It just looked so gorgeous. But when I finally found the shadows, only three colours were available. Two were white variations which didn’t interest me, and the third was Icy Mint. I contemplated for a bit, but eventually purchased it.

color tattoo icy mint

The name is a perfect description of the colour, a shimmery minty green with just a touch of silver to it. I know that Color Tattoos are probably supposed to be bases for other shadows, but I wear my Mac Paint Pot on its own (and would wear my other Color Tattoo as well, but it’s taupe) and was definitely planning to do that with Color Tattoo Icy Mint as well. I have hazel eyes, and I thought this would be a nice colour to go with them.

In the pot, I was right.

color tattoo icy mint 2

Unfortunately, when I rubbed the Color Tattoo Icy Mint onto my finger, and then onto my eyelid, something magical happened––it basically disappeared.

It applied really patchy to my eyelids and I had to very carefully dab it to get any even colour at all, and it was still pretty sheer and required about three layers to get something visible. It just didn’t have the smoothness, evenness, or opacity that I expected from Maybelline Color Tattoo and I was honestly so disappointed. I wish I had held out for Seashore Frost! (Luckily, I should be able to exchange this and I’m going to give that a try this weekend.)

color tattoo icy mint swatch

For my first makeup swatches, I know this photo is not great. The only problem is, it was just so hard to get this shadow to show up at all. The top is with two or three layers, while the bottom swatch is only one layer of Color Tattoo Icy Mint. Hardly see it? Well that’s exactly what happens in person, too (ha).

Have you tried the Color Tattoo Icy Mint? Do you have another favourite Color Tattoo? Has any makeup product let you down lately? Let me know what you think!

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