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Maybelline Color Show Drops of Jade Swatches and Review

I’m actually getting pretty good at making the time to take photos of the polish I’m wearing, I just have to become better at posting them! Anyway I’m skipping ahead a few posts to share this because I got some interested comments on it when I shared in my Polish Haul post. It’s Maybelline Color Show Drops of Jade from their Limited Edition Polka Dot Collection, which seems heavily inspired by indie polish, but at $3-$5 a bottle is a great way to cheaply test out the trend. (Don’t worry, I want the indies too!)

maybelline color show drops of jade 6

Color Show Drops of Jade applied pretty thick, which I guess that makes sense with so much glitter. I was impressed that it became so opaque, the first coat definitely wasn’t but I only needed two coats for these photos. There is a tiny bit of VNL but it’s very difficult to spot under all that glitter!

maybelline color show drops of jade 3

After drying Color Show Drops of Jade was a tad gritty, but I was surprised it wasn’t way worse given how much glitter there was! I definitely didn’t have to fish around for it and my nails ended up totally covered in it so I was very happy with that aspect of the polish.

maybelline color show drops of jade 2

I am SO glad I waited to share about this polish. I wanted to post it the second I put it on, but I’m glad I waited until I had time to remove it. And believe me, I needed time. Lots of it! It was horrible to remove and I ended up going to bed with flecks of white and black still on one hand (the green came off instantly). So be prepared for that. I still love Color Show Drops of Jade and am excited to test out the pink one, Pretty in Polka, but it is quite a pain to remove. I haven’t used the foil method yet, but that’s probably your best option with a polish like this.

maybelline color show drops of jade 5

Overall, I’m in love with Color Show Drops of Jade. It’s such a fun polish, and the small bottles of the Color Show polishes are great for testing out new colours as I probably didn’t need 15 mL of this one. I got several compliments while wearing it, and my boyfriend’s mom even wants me to paint her nails using the pink one! It is definitely the kind of polish that catches other peoples’ attention.

And, since I love sharing ridiculous swatches with you (see my Sally Hansen Pacific Blue “With A Cup” pose) here’s a bonus when my boyfriend was making fun of me for taking pictures of my hands 😀

maybelline color show drops of jade

Are you interested in this Polka Dot Collection? Let me know if you pick any of them up! They are also available in pink (which I’ll feature soon), pink, blue, and clear. The last two were sold out at my store, but I still kinda want them!

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