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May 2015 Empties

May 2015 Empties 9So… my May 2015 Empties. There are a lot. Granted, some of these are smaller sizes, but still feels great to have cleared up a little room in my bathroom. Now if I could only finish some makeup…

May 2015 Empties 8Let’s start with…something boring? Because might as well get it out of the way. I finished up 8 little hotel samples from the Best Western, including 2 Nourish Green Tea Shampoo, 2 Nourish Green Tea Conditioner and 3 Nourish Lemongrass Body Lotion. The shampoo and conditioner were pretty meh, but I really loved the lemongrass scent for the lotion! Super refreshing.

May 2015 Empties 5To continue on with more hair and body empties, I finally used up this bottle of The Body Shop Rainforest Shine Shampoo, which wasn’t at all nourishing enough for my hair (probably because it’s free of all those ingredients like silicones) as well as a mini The Body Shop Satsuma Body Butter. I actually purchased both products at the same time…back in June 2013 (see the haul here). Yup, I’m not allowed to buy products anymore!

There’s also a Pantene Nature Fusion Soothing Creme that I am so happy I am done because I don’t think it did much for my hair and I hate opaque containers with pumps where you have no idea how much you have left. I really prefer the Pantene BB Cream for Hair, which is a similar product/packaging. I try to apply hand cream regularly but it still takes forever to finish, which is probably why I always get sick of the scent by the end and I ended up finding that the Burt’s Bees Honey & Grapeseed Oil Hand Cream* didn’t absorb as nicely as I wanted.

May 2015 Empties 2I guess I really stink because I finished 3 deodorants this month that I was alternating between depending on what I needed it for. The strongest is the Secret Clinical Strength in Completely Clean, followed by the Secret pH Balanced in Baby Powder, and finally the LaVanila The Healthy Deodorant in Fresh Vanilla Lemon.

I was really exited about the LaVanila when I first purchased it (here) and even bought more (here) which I definitely regret because it is just not effective enough. That can be helped by reapplying throughout the day but I don’t want to rush off to the washroom at work to do that so…still looking for an effective natural deodorant, and resorting to Secret on days when I know I’ll be sweating more.

May 2015 Empties 4My Lush stash is actually getting pretty small these days which honestly makes me a bit sad but it does expire so I’m working on using it up. I used up a Lush Angel’s Delight Soap* which smelled amazing but wasn’t the most moisturizing from the brand (I still love you Snowcake).  There’s also a Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, which was amazing and I will definitely repurchase, check out how pretty it made my bath!

There was an adorable Lush Bubblegrub Bubbleroon* which the cutest face I crumbled into pieces. I also remembered to toss my Lush Volcano Foot Mask* which was amazing, but has a 3 month expiration date and does dry up so make sure to fully use it in time or be sad like I was. Finally, there was a really pretty Lush Star Light, Star Bright* that adds some lovely moisture to the bath, plus shimmer and a light blue tint.

May 2015 Empties 7I used the complete Nair Argan Oil Ultimate Roll On Body Wax* I reviewed early in the month, and it lasted for two uses as predicted. It is super convenient but I’m not sure there was enough waxing strips and the applicator was difficult to clean between uses.

I am finally done with holiday soap after using up the Bath & Body Works Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in ‘Tis The Season and Vanilla Bean Noel. I don’t think the Vanilla Bean foaming smells quite as good as last year, I preferred the gel version this time, but I do love the ‘Tis The Season (Spoiler: I also used up a matching candle this month).

The Mary Kay Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub in Pomegrante* smelled yummy and was a great hand scrub but I was never using it, so I switched it over to a body scrub use which it worked as for a gentle exfoliation. However the pump was finicky (I actually stole it for the Honeydew one afterwards which is why it’s not in the picture) and it was hard to pump much out, which is fine as a hand scrub but annoying in the shower.

May 2015 Empties 6I used up my last pack of Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes*, which are great wipes for travel and gentle to use. I have enough makeup remover I can’t justify buying wipes, but when I take another trip, I would definitely buy these.

I had this little Bioderma Sensibo H20 Micellar Water* which you have probably figured out from all my talking about it, I love. Don’t worry, I’m onto a 500 mL bottle now! There’s also a little Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser sample I took a trip, it seemed like a decent basic cleanser that wasn’t drying.

May 2015 Empties 3I’m really excited to have finished TWO fragrances, even if one is mostly used as a room spray. I love Demeter Fragrance Sugar Cookie* and this was my third and final bottle of it. I finished one up in April 2014, then again in November 2014. It smells super yummy and it’s the perfect room spray. I also used up an entire bottle of perfume I have been working on for months, the So…? Fragrance in Sinful*, which is a nice fragrance but I have a lot of them and I think it’s had enough time in my life now.

In my quest to finish up some nail polish, I used this little Formula X in Ignite* mini from the Formula X Paint The Town (you can see swatches of the polishes here). I added thinner a few times and I swear there was basically nothing left but…that nothing got stuck to the side while it was in my empties bag. This is a pretty dark red but it did end up staining and wasn’t quite as opaque as I would have liked.

I adore the Collection Lasting Perfection Ultimate Wear Concealer in Light (2) which I featured in my January 2015 Favourites but it sadly was leaking and then I couldn’t get anything out and then I removed the stopper and it was messy and I eventually moved onto my backup. I did finish one of these before, and I would highly recommend it (very similar to Mac ProLongwear concealer if you’re a fan of that) if you can track one down from this UK-exclusive brand.

May 2015 EmptiesAs I said, I’ve got a Bath & Body Works Candle in ‘Tis the Season which is really lovely and this packaging is gorgeous too (although I feel like they smell stronger when they have lids?)

Then there’s my usual DAVIDsTEA batch of empties. This month was a DAVIDsTEA Gogi Pop sample (great as an iced tea), DAVIDsTEA Strawberry Fields which is a sweet black tea I wasn’t a huge fan of, I can’t remember too much about DAVIDsTEA Cool Cactus except that it was okay but not one I’d repurchase, there’s DAVIDsTEA White Nectarine which is very sweet but also a bit artifical, and finally DAVIDsTEA Vanilla Matcha, which I liked but I still generally stick to Grand Cru for my morning smoothies and I have a whole tin of Mocha Matcha which I prefer for lattes.

Phew…that was a lot of empties. June isn’t looking quite as ridiculous which is nice because maybe I won’t procrastinate as long writing about them!

My May 2015 Empties included Beauty: 31 (more than half of what I had used in the 5 months previous!) and Tea and Candles: 6

Year-to-date totals? Beauty: 87 and Tea and Candles: 47.

Have you tried any of these products? What’d you finish this month?

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