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Mary Kay Eyeliner

Mary Kay Eyeliner 2Mary Kay recently reformulated their eyeliner making it available in three staple shades including the Mary Kay Eyeliner in MK Black*, MK Deep Brown* and MK Steely*. I got to try out them all!

Mary Kay EyelinerPackaging-wise, the Mary Kay Eyeliner comes in a retractable pencil format which is my favourite because I am lazy re:sharpening although it also means you’re never going to get quite as fine a point. To help combat that, there’s actually a sharpener built into the lid, which is helpful once you’ve worn it down. The pencil itself is quite thin to begin with, so that helps insure it’s actually a line you’re drawing rather than the entire eyelid.

Mary Kay Eyeliner 4I don’t wear eyeliner often, but the Mary Kay Eyeliners are definitely some of the creamiest I’ve tried. They are incredibly smooth with even, opaque pigmentation. I also found the formula to be consist among the Mary Kay Eyeliners in MK Black, MK Deep Brown and MK Steely. Those names are pretty self-descriptive, but the shades available are black, a medium brown, a steel grey.

Mary Kay Eyeliner CollageOne of the claims that the Mary Kay Eyeliner makes is that it “glides on effortlessly” and this is absolutely true. I tried it on every part of my last line I could think of, but I liked it best on the upper lid. It was so creamy it was surprisingly easy to draw the line evenly, there was definitely no dragging involved. It didn’t quite stick to my waterline, so it wasn’t great for tightlining either.

Mary Kay EyelinerI’m wearing the Mary Kay Eyeliner in MK Black for tightlining, MK Deep Brown on the upper lash liner and MK Steely on the lower lash line. In an office environment I had no issues with the lasting power, but they do smudge when confronted with sweat or heat, and by the end of the day my lower lash line was looking a bit rough. Unfortunately, if you have oily lids, I doubt this formula would work for you.

Mary Kay Eyeliner 3 The Mary Kay Eyeliners are really creamy with fantastic pigmentation. Personally, I’d rather things get a little smudgy after all day wear if it means it’s an easier application, so Mary Kay Eyeliner, we can still be friends–at least until the weather gets hot.

Do you have a favourite creamy eyeliner?

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