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Mark Naked Love Bath & Body Collection

Mark Naked Love Bath & Body Collection 4So I think Mark is basically Avon’s cooler, trendier younger sibling, and I really like their products. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, they are launching a new Mark Naked Love Bath & Body Collection*, which includes a body butter, body wash, body mist, and hand cream, all in the same yummy scent. It’s a fresh, peachy scent that includes notes of apricot, freesia, and musk to help balance it out.

Mark Naked Love Bath & Body Collection 2Although the product inside the Mark Naked Love Body Wash doesn’t feel that different to me than the Avon shower gel I reviewed this summer, that’s not a complaint because I really liked that! It’s a thick gel, that lathers well and isn’t drying which makes it great for the winter months. However, even though it’s described as ideal for dry skin I don’t think it’s quite as creamy as their 3-in-1 Body Wash. I love the typography-centric packaging and rose gold accent, but of course what I really love is the scent, which is bright and fresh. You can smell it slightly on your skin afterwards, but if you really want it to last I’d recommend grabbing the Body Butter and Body Mist as well.

Mark Naked Love Bath & Body Collection 3I’m kinda picky about my hand creams, but the one included in the Mark Naked Love Bath & Body Collection is perfect. The Mark Naked Love Hand Cream has a similar fresh scent, and although the freesia notes are a little more obvious, it’s still mainly fruity. Most importantly, it is creamy but absorbs really well, so that my hands are left moisturized but not at all greasy. My hands really need cream during the winter time, but I hate feeling like I’ve slathered them in sunscreen, and this perfectly avoids that feeling, while smelling delicious. Plus, at 100 mL the tube will last me quite awhile, and it retails for only $6.

Mark Naked Love Bath & Body CollectionI have a lot of shower gels and hand lotions, so sometimes after I review something I will share it with a family member or friend. Well, not these. I can tell you 100% I am keeping the Mark Naked Love Bath & Body Collection FOR MYSELF. These products are all really affordable, but most importantly, they work well and smell so delicious. Yum!

The Mark Naked Love Bath & Body Collection will be available as of February 2015 through an Avon Independent Sales Representative or online at

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