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Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub

Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub 3I’m actually sharing my thoughts on a product I’ve now tried in four different scents, and I love the Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub* just as much as the first three (see Crushing on Coconut, Dreaming of Jasmine, and Sweet on Lemon reviews).

Mark Moon Chill Berry Body ScrubThe consistency and packaging of the Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub is exactly the same as the other scents in the line, although this time the bottle is a blue (as are all the other matching Moon Chill Berry products). The sugar granules exfoliate without being painful, but it actually feels like there’s some exfoliating going on which I appreciate. I still find it gentle enough to use daily. It also leaves my skin soft but not oily.

Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub 2Scent-wise, nothing can outdo my love for Sweet on Lemon but, the Mark Moon Chill Berry Body Scrub is quite nice. It’s described as a mix of chilled berries, frosted blossom and moonlight musk. To me, it is predominately a sweet, berry scent with a bit of coolness to it.

Unfortunately, Mark Moon Chill Berry was a limited edition scent, and because I didn’t look into it before writing my review, appears to be sold out online in the scrub. However, several other products such as the Hand Cream, Body Mist and Shimmer Body Cream are still for sale in Mark Moon Chill Berry. Plus it’s a good excuse to remind you how wonderful these scrubs are–they are definitely an Avon favourite!

Do you have a favourite body scrub?

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