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March Favourites

Every month I mean to get my monthly wrapups posted right away, and it never seems to happen. There’s always April, right? In the meantime, here are my monthly March Favourites.

March FavouritesMarch was not a good month for me, and I didn’t spend a lot of it at home, so that limited both my ability to post (you may have noticed) as well as my use of beauty products. That said, when I went to post this post together I was still able to come up with 7 March Favourites, with the emphasis being on skincare.

The first product I fell in love with is actually three– it’s an entire line of haircare, the TRESemme Renewal Hair & Scalp Line* (reviews here). I am not using this shampoo, conditioner and hair mask at the moment because I’m testing something else, and I can definitely tell you that I miss it. It made my hair feel so shiny and strong. TRESemme is a super affordable brand, I really have been loving these products and am interested in trying more by them in the future.

March Favourites 2

In terms of skincare, I found the first toner I actually like when I tested out the Simple Soothing Facial Toner* (review here), a very gentle and relaxing toner that I love to use before I apply my moisturizer. I’ve also absolutely fallen in love with a little magic serum called Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate* and although I haven’t posted a review yet, I can tell you I am obsessed with this thing. I actually saw a difference in my skin overnight! My skin was softer, more even and it helped reduce lines. I absolutely adore this product and I will definitely be sharing a full review of it soon.

A slightly surprising hit was the Lush Volcano Foot Mask* (review here) because before this product, I never knew what a foot mask was or that I was missing out. However, I definitely was! This is so relaxing and feels so good on my feet, I might even have to use it again tonight.

March Favourites 3

Easily my favourite scent of the month has been the Daisy Marc Jacobs Delight Edition Eau de Toilette Spray* (review here) a limited edition scent I almost want to grab a backup of because it smells so good and I know I’m going to be using this lots over the next couple of months. It is a very fresh scent that is perfect for spring.

In terms of makeup-like products, I only really have two this month (but I already know there will be more for April). The first one is Clarins Instant Light Radiance Boosting Complexion Base in Champagne*, a lightly tinted base that helps counteract redness and also provides a nice glow to the skin. Given that it’s still basically winter in Halifax, it’s nice to have my skin pretend otherwise when I use this product.

Finally, my favourite polish of the month goes to Maybelline Gilded Rose* (review here), a polish that was originally limited edition and I’m so glad it was brought back and I had a chance to try it. It’s so pretty!

Overall, it definitely wasn’t the most exciting month for favourites, but my March Favourites are still all products I absolutely love and would easily recommend. You can check out individual reviews for more in depth thoughts on them and expect to see more on the two I haven’t reviewed in the next week! You can also check out monthly favourites from other Canadian Beauty Bloggers here:

Have you tried any of my March Favourites? What have you been loving this month?

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