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March Empties

This was definitely an unusual month and I wasn’t home for nearly half of it, so even though I had all kinds of lofty goals I didn’t do nearly as good a job finishing up products as I was hoping to, hence a smaller March Empties. But hey, that makes writing this post up easier, so I will be grateful for that and do my best to have a ridiculous batch for April to share. I did still finish a few things though, so let’s get into that.

*= disliked, would not repurchase

**= liked, maybe repurchase

***= loved, definitely repurchase

March Empties 2

1. Bath and Body Works Deep Cleansing Hand Soap in Japanese Cherry Blossom: I really like BBW soap and I find this type last a lot longer than the foaming ones. In terms of the scent it was pretty good but not an absolute favourite and I would probably try something new when I someday in the distant future need handsoap again. ***

2. ELF Lash & Brow Gel: I remembered these being bigger than they are, so I actually went through this pretty fast but I do have a couple more lurking around somewhere. However I find this gel really effective and for $1 I would definitely buy loads more when I finish it up, although that depends on if I go the US or make an ELF order as I haven’t seen this in stores in Canada. ***

3. Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Frosting (review here): Yay a Project Pan empty! And I will have its matching scrub done for April. I love the whipped consistency of this product, and the scent is pretty nice too, but it leave my skin a bit greasy and just isn’t an overall favourite at all. I have a lot of body lotion and a lot I like more, so I would not repurchase this (although I still have a second one to use up). *

4. & 5. & 6. Incoco Real Nail Polish Appliques in Garden Path*, Apple Blossom* and Tea Party* : You can click on the nails to see individual reviews of these designs, but overall I really liked the Incoco nail strips although one pattern didn’t seem to work as well. I wouldn’t use these daily, but I do find them pretty long-lasting and they have great designs.

7. Peppermint Bath Fizz: This was a bath bomb like product I got at Christmas as a gift, and it worked decently but I don’t like the smell of peppermint and also I’m spoiled by Lush bath bombs so although I don’t know what store this is from, I wouldn’t seek it out to repurchase. *

March Empties 38. Massive Vanilla Candle from Winners: I actually bought one of these for my boyfriend’s mom, and he loved it so much I grabbed two more for him. The scent is delicious! Sadly it stopped burning midway down and so it is definitely not something I would repurchase. Hopefully the second one works better. *

9. & 10. Glad Vanilla Colour Changing Candles: My boyfriend’s mom actually gave us these two candles (his family loves candles! Especially vanilla) and I loved them. I find the colour changing aspect really relaxing and I loved burning them. I actually bought several more non-Christmas ones when I found them at a really good price (I think they were $2 each and I bought all 3 that were left). The vanilla scent isn’t very powerful, but it is definitely worth it for the effect. ***

11. DAVIDsTEA Sugar & Spice: This was a fall collection tea with with cinnamon, cloves and vanilla that I really liked and would rebuy if it returns next year, but in the meantime I have lots of other teas I am enjoying. ***

12. DAVIDsTEA Chocolate Chili Chai: This was a gift last year, a chocolate with a hint of chili tea that was pretty good but not an absolute favourite and with so many teas I adore including ones I currently own, I don’t see myself rushing out for this again although I did enjoy drinking it. **

March EmptiesWell, only 12 items in my March Empties and 5 of them were tea and candles, 3 were one-use only nail stickers… like I said, not a great month. However there are already a few products in my April Empties and hopefully I’ll have a more impressive post then! If you want to check out some more empties posts (these are one of my very favourite posts to read) be sure to click on the links below to other Canadian Beauty Bloggers empties posts:

What did you finish up this month?

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