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March 2016 Empties

March 2016 Empties 5My March 2016 Empties. No more of an intro I just wrote the rest of this post and I’m sleepy!

March 2016 Empties 6For my March 2016 Empties I will start with the TALL BOTTLES. Which mostly means haircare but that’s how I divide up the products for photos. Both the Aussie Moist Shampoo and Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment Conditioner have the same coconut type scent that I don’t really like, but they are both really great for dry hair and provide lots of added moisture. I bought the hair mask off of Amazon after a ton of rave reviews (it wasn’t available in store at the time, not sure if it is now) and it came in a multi-pack so I still have a couple more to use up.

Also good for dry hair is the L’Oreal Re-Nutrition Shampoo (which I got on sale and may not still be available, sorry again). The eos Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss smells amazing and is really nice for dry skin but it can clog the razor a bit. This bottle is a billion years old (2013, the benefit of blogging products) which tells you how often I use shaving cream…

March 2016 Empties 4A few more tall bottles for my March 2016 Empties includes the Garnier Clean+ Nourishing Cleansing Oil* which was also really old, but I guess it takes me a long time to use cleansing oil. It’s great and super affordable so I would definitely buy this again once I use up the ones I still have. The Live Clean Liquid Hand Soap in Holly Berry* was a limited edition holiday scent but it was really nice and the soap itself is not at all drying on my hands. There’s also a Compliments Nail Polish Remover which I quite like and go through fairly quickly because of all the swatching!

March 2016 Empties 7I have two Lush products in my March 2016 Empties, the Lush Refresher Shower Jelly* which I loved the scent of but I do prefer a regular shower gel consistency, and a little Lush Buffy Body Butter from a gift set which I was very sad to finish and definitely plan to buy again. I really love Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Buttercream* and definitely have a large, full-sized tub of it that I plan to dig into again soon! I loved The Body Shop Spa of the World Egyptian Milk & Honey Bath* and would definitely pick up more once I used up some more of my bath products.

Not pictured because they had no packaging but I also used two little Duckish Bath Bombs in Coco Rose* and they were super lovely!

March 2016 Empties

This Yankee Candle in Christmas Cookie both smelled delicious and had really impressive scent throw for such a tiny candle! I also adore Demeter Fragrance in Lemon Meringue*, it is easily one of my favourite scents from them and sad to say goodbye. The Reversa Cleansing Micellar Solution was nice and I don’t really have much else to say about it.

I finished a tiny Lise Watier Dual Phase Eye Makeup Remover which I actually used to remove really stubborn swatches and it did a great job. There’s a bottle of sad Seche Vite Top Coat* which made it about half way before getting too thick to use. I loved the delicious sweet scent of the Mary Kay Cream & Sugar Body Whip* so it got bumped up my list of body lotions to use. Finally, there’s a little Alterna Haircare Cavia CC Cream sample that was really too small to notice anything about.

March 2016 Empties 2

The part 1 of my tea empties including DAVIDsTEA Mango Fruit Punch (really great for iced tea and while this package is super old, it’s been brought back and I’m definitely buying more for summer), DAVIDsTEA Elderflower Spritz (just yuck, I regret even finishing this small bag), DAVIDsTEA Yes We Cran* (it was alright but it mostly took me this long to finish because there are other teas I liked more), DAVIDsTEA Hot Chocolate (this is one of the teas I like more, have purchased a bunch more before it was discontinued) and DAVIDsTEA Ceremonial Matcha (never enough of this, but I always cash in my Frequent Steeper points to get it for free.

March 2016 Empties 3The final teas in my March 2016 Empties are DAVIDsTEA Caramel Corn which is a really delicious herbal tea that’s fairly similar to Forever Nuts if you’ve tried that, but it’s LE and no longer available. The same is true of DAVIDsTea Hard Candy which makes a good iced tea but isn’t quite as strong in flavour as I would like, even cold steeped. Finally, I finished another package of the DAVIDsTEA Matcha Single Serves and still regret not buying more.

Here are my tallies for March 2016 Empties:  Tea and Candles: 8,  Makeup and Skincare:  16, Samples: 3.

Here are my tallies for 2016 Empties So Far:  Tea and Candles: 19  Makeup and Skincare: 39, Samples: 11.

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