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Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream 4Back in March I shared a perfect Marc Jacobs spring scent, Daisy Marc Jacobs Delight Edition Eau de Toilette Spray*, and today I have another take on the classic Daisy fragrance, this time for summer, Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream*.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream 2As always, the packaging is gorgeous, and I especially love the fact that the Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream fragrance is a blue liquid, there’s something really bright and summery about that. The shape is also really pretty. Basically, I want all Marc Jacobs fragrances to sit on my dresser forever because they are so pretty.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream 5However, inside the bottle is pretty great too. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is a perfect summer scent. It’s fruity and sweet without being cloying, and there’s something a bit watery about it (besides the bottle of course). The initial notes are fruity ones like blackberry, grapefruit and pear, although I don’t find it to be very citrusy. I can definitely pick up the jasmine and wisteria, and I think that is the long-lasting scent you get, mixed with lychee, which is a big part of what I love about the fragrance. The scent is grounded on base notes of white woods musks, and coconut water.

Marc Jacobs Daisy DreamThe lasting power of Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream is pretty good, especially for an Eau de Toilette Spray, as I can still smell it on my skin after 6 hours although it does start to fade. However, like my last Marc Jacobs scent I have gotten a lot of use of this fragrance already and am going to have to somehow convince myself to put it down in order to test the next one in my collection. I know I will be definitely coming back to Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream.

Have you tried any Marc Jacobs fragrances before? Let me know what you think, I still need to try the original Daisy!

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